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  • Traditionally, a bride's bouquet consisted of herbs. Flowers were added in as a symbol of fertility. Today, of course, it's quite the reverse. Most bouquets are floral in nature and the exception, rather than the rule, is a bouquet of herbs.
  • Ever wondered about the humble tiered wedding cake? Legend has it that in Anglo-Saxon times, wedding guests would each bring a small cake and, at the reception, they'd stack them on top of each other in order of size, which would create one very big, tiered cake. The convention has evolved and, today, you still have a tiered cake, but it's a single cake made of many tiers, rather than many tiers made of many cakes.
  • EW’s 2014 survey results are out…

    The results of Easy Weddings’ Annual Australian survey (2014), the country’s biggest, most authoritative and most up-to-date snapshot of the wedding industry, are out.

    Each year we ask thousands of Australian couples to answer questions that will shed light on their wedding day spending habits and patterns, as well as their wedding wishes and needs.

    This year, more than 2100 couples responded and, you can read all the results here.

    The aim of the survey is to provide wedding industry suppliers with a clear view of what real-life engaged couples actually want, expect and need, so that suppliers can make better informed decisions about what to offer, when to offer it and how much to offer it for.

    We hope this data proves useful in helping you plan for your wedding business in the coming 12 months.

    Also, this is our last Pro Education newsletter for the year, so we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for being a part of the Easy Weddings family in 2014 and we look forward to dealing with you – and helping your business grow – in 2015.

    From our family to yours,
    Merry Christmas and happy New Year!
    Team Easy Weddings

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    How far out did you start shopping for your groom's suit?

    12 months or earlier10%

    9 months beforehand15%

    6 months beforehand32%

    3 months beforehand43%

    Did you purchase special lingerie for your wedding?


    Yes (For the wedding day only)12%

    Yes (For the wedding night only)20%

    Yes (For both)47%

    Would you hire a photo booth at your reception?