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  • Searching for the perfect venue takes 20+ hours
  • The top 3 weddings themes were rustic, classic and romantic*
  • The average cost per head for a wedding venue is $157*
  • The average number of guests is 97*
  • The average total cost of a wedding is $32,333*
  • The most popular wedding season is autumn.*
*Based on the 2019 Wedding Industry Report

Rave Reviews

Wedding planning has been super stressful but since finding everything has been made simple by having everything I need in one place. The wedding planners and concierge service are so...
Anika A
I used this site for planning my wedding and it helped me to find all of my vendors. They were all fantastic. I also used the to-do list and read the blogs which were very helpful!
I'm the first of my friends to get married, so I found most of the wedding suppliers through reviews on this site and our day was so great. Pretty good blog posts too when you're looking for ideas!
Claire & Dan
Elise of Easy Weddings was amazing!! Easy weddings assisted in planning my wedding in 6 days after the original plan went into shambles with the venue going into liquidation taking everything! Easy weddings...
Rhiannen J
Such a helpful and easy site to use. I used this site to help plan my wedding. I organised my wedding in about 3 months. I didn’t really know where to start and the To Do list was a fantastic guide. The...
Isabel L
Great website with lots of useful tools. Especially liked being able to set up our personalised wedding website so guest could easily access information before the invites went out - very useful as a '...

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“Think about the things that you love to do, eat and drink - incorporate those into your day.”

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“Utilise the help around you and listen to expert advice so you avoid expensive mistakes and actually enjoy the planning process.”

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  • 16 years in the wedding industry
  • 3518 happy couples
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  • $5.17 billion wedding budget

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