The Average Price Of Documenting Your Wedding

If you are currently planning your wedding, you might be wondering how much of your wedding budget you should allocate to documenting your big day. For some couples, this might simply mean a photographer doing the rounds capturing candid images. For others, documenting your wedding means a photographer, videographer, engagement shoot, photo booth and more.

Between the months of September and October of 2018, Easy Weddings surveyed more than 4,100 Australian couples in our annual wedding survey. Here’s what couples who participated in the Easy Weddings 2019 Australian Wedding Industry Report had to say about their photography and videography budget.

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According to those surveyed, booking a reputable photographer is the third vendor booked in the planning process – well before considering videographers and photo booths.

Of the $32,333 average cost of a wedding across Australia, couples are willing to fork out an average of $2,963 for their dream wedding photographer.

Broken down state by state, New South Wales couples spend an average of $3,501 on their photos, closely followed by Victorian couples spending $2,914. Northern Territory couples are next spending an average of $2,898, Tasmanian couples spending $2,876, Western Australian couples $2,772, Australian Capital Territory couples $2,753, Queensland couples $2514 and South Australian couples forking out an average of $2,604 for their photos.

Of those surveyed, 33% said they were having engagement photoshoots, with 13% considering it. 53% said they were not considering or interested in having an engagement photoshoot.

47% of Australian couples placed importance of candid and natural photos, with 45% of those surveyed preferring a mix of candid and posed photography.

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With the rapid incline of camera quality, more and more couples are choosing to document their day through both photography and film. While photos capture the general feel of the event, a wedding video captures the atmosphere, the laughs, the smiles and those special well-wishes and speeches to be played on repeat for many years to come.


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Australian couples are willing to fork out an average of $2,702 for a reputable wedding videographer to capture their day on film.

State by state, New South Wales couples spend an average of $3,280 on their wedding video followed closely by Tasmanian couples willing to spend $3,225. Victorian couples fork out an average of $2,598, South Australian couples $2,412, Western Australian couples $2,267, Queensland couples $2,263 and Australian Capital Territory couples spending an average of $2,073 on their wedding videographer.

49% of those surveyed chose to have someone capture their day of film. 86% of those will opt for a professional videographer, with 14% asking a family member or friend to video the wedding. 51% of all couples surveyed will not hire a videographer.

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Photo booths

Photo booths are becoming an increasingly popular entertainment option and fun way  to document a wedding. Some couples use photo booths as a unique way to create a guest book, allowing guests to include a photo of themselves with their well wishes.

Of those surveyed, 33% of Australian couples will hire a photo booth, with 7% DIYing the photo booth themselves. 60% won’t have a Photo Booth at their wedding.

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