Floral Clock – Queen Victoria Gardens

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Situated on St Kilda Road across from the National Art Gallery is the Queen Victoria Gardens and The Floral Clock.
The Floral clock, is a colourful and stunning display and one of Melbourne City’s most popular landmarks – gifted to the city in 1966 by a group of Swiss watchmakers.

This location is not as commonly used for ceremony locations due to the close proximity of traffic, but the photographic opportunities within the gardens is certainly worth some consideration. City landscapes, the historic monuments and tributes all make for an interesting back drops for any garden wedding location. The grounds are well maintained by Melbourne Parks and Gardens but the landscape will change from season to season. As with most garden locations the warmer months will see this venue in an array of colour.

Pathways should be entered from the road, due to the surrounding brickwork and bitumen paths will provide easier access for wheelchairs.

Nearby Southgate is always abuzz with excitement and guests will find public toilets at the National Art Gallery, near the Myer Music Bowl or on at Southgate. There are no accessible toilets located within the actual gardens.

Parking is available on St Kilda Road, Alexandra Avenue or Linlithgow Avenue. Parking fees may apply.

Cnr. Linlithgow Avenue and St Kilda Road, Melbourne, VIC




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Floral Clock – Queen Victoria Gardens