Fitzroy Gardens

The Fitzroy Gardens is undoubtedly the largest council parkland playing host to hundreds of garden weddings all throughout the year. The sheltered structures such as The Old Bandstand and The Temple of the Winds have long been a favorite backdrop for ceremonies but The Dolphin Fountain and The Conservatory are becoming just as popular.

The popular Old Bandstand demands early application to council to ensure permit times in the busy season. There are two sides to the bandstand – the “fountain end” (closest to parking at Clarendon Street) is heavily shaded from the early afternoon sun. The “cafe end” is more suited to larger guest numbers and the steps leading up to the bandstand provide an elevated area for the point of ceremony. Shading should be considered for both sides of the structure.

When securing the permit for the Dolphin Fountain you have the choice of choosing from any of the lush native backdrops, the big old Elm Trees and the paved pathway of the actual Dolphin Fountain itself. This area allows for larger numbers, offering seclusion from the cafe and roadside. Late afternoon ceremonies are assured of well shaded locations. The “passage” of huge Elm trees leading from Lansdowne Road allows for the most stunning photographs of the bride as she approaches the gardens. On any given Saturday you will find photographers and brides taking full advantage of this location.

Council Rangers are in the general area to ensure that all service providers adhere to their council regulations. Rose petals are permitted. Rubbish bins are found in all locations of the park to ensure that the area is left in clean condition. Decorations may not be attached to flora, sculptures or the heritage-listed structures onsite. Fountains are no longer working due to our current restrictions on water. Public Toilets are located on the outskirts of the gardens and inside the Fitzroy Gardens Cafe. Refreshments are also available at the cafe.

Lansdowne Street, East Melbourne, VIC




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Fitzroy Gardens