Exquisite, classy and unbelievable value for money.

The Fifth Avenue Collection is extensive with high quality pieces, always affordable to mix or match your complete wardrobe.

It’s all great fun too. All you have to do is organise a small gathering of around 6 to 10 and you'll receive amazing free gifts and bonuses. We’ll be gone within an hour or 2 and there is absolutely NO pressure, just the girls having a drink or 2 and fabulous jewellery to inspire your style.

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Getting married is like a whirlwind for any girl. From the day she says "yes", to finding the perfect dress, to the day she says "I do". Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery adds an affordable touch of sophistication to any wedding, big or small.

Are you getting married this year? Or is someone in your family? Maybe a good friend?
Wouldn't it be nice for every bride to get her bridal jewellery free? She can, when she hosts her own Fifth Avenue Collection show or is the guest of honor at one of her bridal showers.

Plus Fifth Avenue Collection is offering all brides a chance to WIN $600 in cash to go towards their honeymoon destination.

Contact me for more information about booking your bridal party today.


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Featured reviews

Alisha M. says:

20 Mar 2015 in Accessories

The best necklace that was perfect for my dress and matching bracelets for the brides maids. Very affordable.

Vanessa G. says:

5 Oct 2014 in Wedding Jewellery

Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery were an easy selection for wedding jewellery. Very well priced if you don't want to spend a lot on jewellery (especially if you have a huge bridal party). And it's jewellery they can wear over and over again.

Andja N. says:

15 Mar 2014 in Wedding Jewellery

Just in time before the wedding, a girlfriend of mine was holding a Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery party. Theodora brought all the right goods, thank you, I loved the pear and diamond stud earrings, they were just perfect, and just enough.

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