Are you having children as part of your bridal party?

Are you having children as part of your bridal party?

Two thirds of weddings include children in the bridal party

According to an Easy Weddings poll 66% of couples include young children in their bridal party as either flower girls or page boys, or possibly both. Only 34% of couples indicated that there would not be any children in their bridal party.

Young children add a sense of fun to a wedding and they look adorable dressed up in their wedding outfits. Children generally have a small role to play in the wedding itself. The flower girl might walk down the aisle first scattering flower petals from a basket, and the page boy might be responsible for carrying the wedding rings on a ring pillow, or holding up the bride’s train as she walks down the aisle.

Generally flower girls are slightly more popular than page boys, with 59% of couples saying they would have a flower girl and 46% saying they would include a page boy. In general this might be because girls are happier to dress up in pretty wedding outfits until they are teenagers while boys may be more self conscious about doing so once they get to a certain age.

Whether or not you include children in your bridal party depends on a large number of factors. You are more likely to include children if you have nieces and nephews, or if your best friends have a children. On the other hand if everyone you know already has children you might decide not to have flower girls or page boys as you don’t want to choose some over others.

The type of venue you are having might make a difference. Outdoor venues where children can run around are perfect, but if you are having your wedding at a formal restaurant this might not be so appropriate. The timing of your wedding will also play a part. An evening wedding would be unsuitable for young children to take part in as they’re likely to be tired and uncooperative.

Children can add a special touch to a wedding, but couples should be prepared for the fact that they might be shy or worried on the day and that they might not always do exactly what is asked of them.