Wedding Jewellery

Wedding Jewellery

Wedding jewellery used to be restricted to simple diamonds or pearls to complement the bridal gown, but in recent years it has become more about making a statement and expressing the individual personality of the bride. With the continuing trend for strapless wedding dresses, many brides are choosing a big bold necklace as the focal point of their outfit, or elaborate chandelier earrings to balance their gown.

Coloured wedding jewellery

Wedding jewellery is a great way to introduce an accent colour into your bridal outfit, and materials such as crystal or natural gem stones are available in a huge variety of colours. If you are looking for that 'something blue', a pretty pale blue and silver necklace can look stunning with a pure white gown.

Finding jewellery in a similar colour to your bridesmaids' dresses can be a wonderful way to coordinate the bridal party's outfits. Black is also becoming more popular for wedding jewellery as it provides a striking contrast with a light bridal gown. Although the popularity of gold jewellery had decreased in recent years, it seems to be making a comeback, with silver metal pieces which incorporate gold gems being particularly fashionable.

Wedding jewellery to suit your wedding style

When you are choosing your wedding jewellery, you will be influenced by the style of your wedding as well as the style of your dress. Here are some ideas for ways to match your wedding jewellery to your wedding theme:

  • Beach wedding:

    Try fun, chunky jewellery that incorporates sea shells or mother of pearl

  • Garden wedding:

    Look for natural shapes such as flowers and leaves in delicate metal, accessorised with crystal or beads

  • Vintage wedding:

    Find delicate filigree designs in gold or silver, incorporating unusual materials such as feathers or pink gems

  • Urban wedding:

    For an elegant effect, try crystal chandelier drop earrings, or dramatic materials such as pewter

Wedding hair jewellery

When you are deciding on wedding jewellery, it's not just your neck, ears and wrists that can benefit from a touch of sparkle. Hair jewellery has become a very popular addition to the bridal outfit. Tiaras have been fashionable for some time, and are particularly effective when worn with a veil. Alice bands, and more recently side bands, are a more contemporary option, and these can be adorned with beads, crystal, pearls or any other gems that complement your dress and colour scheme. If you are having an up do, a vintage brooch pinned to the side of a low bun can give an elegant effect.

Wedding jewellery for your bridesmaids

If you are giving your bridesmaids a present to thank them for their role in your wedding, a piece of jewellery to wear on the day is the perfect gift. Look for a material and style that complements the colour and shape of the bridesmaids' dresses, but try to buy individual pieces so that your bridesmaids don't all have the same gift.

Let your bridesmaids know in advance that you will be providing jewellery so they don't buy any especially for the wedding. If you want your bridesmaids to provide their own jewellery, it is fine to ask them all to wear the same colour, i.e. silver or gold, but you should leave the style up to them.

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