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Amelia C. says:

23 Nov 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Laura at Luv Bridal in Robina was a darling. She was so attentive in helping me find the right dress! :)

Rachel R. says:

12 Oct 2013 in Wedding Dresses

I LOVED my dress! Luv Bridal had such a huge range and my perfect dress was a half of the price of dresses I had liked at other retailers. The girls at the Chatswood store were so helpful with every aspect of my dress and I will be sending many of my friends there in the future to fine their perfect dresses.

Katie T. says:

11 May 2013 in Wedding Dresses

I went to the one in South Perth- beautiful dresses! Found mine easily and it was perfect! Decent prices too! Smaller than Tuscany but the customer service was SO much better!

Karleigh H. says:

13 Jul 2014 in Wedding Dresses

The girls at the Robina and Harbour Town stores on the Gold Coast were fantastic! Great range of gowns, veils and head pieces. The service and alterations were amazing and nothing was ever an inconvenience. I was also able to store my gown until the big day.

Jessica P. says:

05 Jul 2014 in Wedding Dresses

I went to Luv Bridal specifically for a dress i had seen in a magazine as they were the only stockist of the brand in Australia. The girls there were lovely and while i knew exactly what i wanted, and purchased the first and only dress i tried on, I am sure had i needed more assistance i would have been given it. Not the fanciest of bridal showrooms but this did not worry me, however if you are looking for a "Say Yes to the dress" style experience, maybe try somewhere else for that!

Claire E. says:

28 Jun 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Excellent service. Dress was ready within two months of being ordered. The alterations were reasonably priced and seamstresses did a great job with bustle and faux belt.

Katia W. says:

06 Jun 2014 in Wedding Dresses


Anna K. says:

02 May 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Amazing dresses.

Melissa M. says:

19 Jul 2014 in Wedding Dresses

I loved my dress and the price was fantastic. Luv Bridal has such a big range and my dress was ready to be picked up 2 weeks after ordering, no need to wait 6 months like with a lot of other stores.

J X. says:

16 May 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Friendly and not pushy at all.

Kym A. says:

28 Jun 2014 in Wedding Dresses

The girls at the shop were fantastic, they couldn't have done more to me happy, with the fit and style of my dress. Great price for the dress very affordable.

Tarin P. says:

28 Feb 2014 in Wedding Dresses

The ladies at the Luv Bridal Parramatta store were so helpful! I only had to try on 4 dresses before I fell in love with one they had suggested for my shape. It was beautiful and at a reasonable cost. The ladies made me feel so special and my dress shopping experience with mum a great memory!

Lisa P. says:

23 May 2014 in Wedding Dresses

The Parramatta staff were the most helpful of any I encountered and they understood what I wanted quickly.

Stacey W. says:

27 Nov 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Carol looked after me at luv bridal chatswood. Her knowledge behind the gowns made it so easy & exciting to shop in her store. My friends getting married soon I recommended luv bridal to her,she also found her dream gown & was so overwhelmed with how lovly the lady's were & the variety they had.

Laura M. says:

25 Oct 2014 in Wedding Dresses

I think this place doesn't need any words.. spoilt for choices

04 Jul 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Very friendly and professional. Makes the bride feel very special.

Kellie T. says:

11 Jul 2015 in Wedding Dresses

AMAZING!!! Walked into the store to be greated with a smile. Had a look around and asked to try on the ones I had short listed online, Saturday without an appointment but they still let me try. I was sold! Went in to look and ordered my dress!!! Thank you!

Kathleen M. says:

05 Apr 2014 in Wedding Dresses

My dress was gorgeous! It was $1200 down to $750. Very happy with that!

Renae H. says:

17 May 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Rebecca at Luv Bridal at Slacks Creek was amazing. Can not talk any higher about her. She definitely went above our expectations. She made sure that things were all in order and was so lovely. Highly recommend.

Kylie W. says:

27 Oct 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Gorgeous dresses and helpful staff. Found everything that I was looking for and the ladies were so lovely even with my short timeline and my changing waistline :D

Alex L. says:

07 Feb 2014 in Wedding Dresses

I went to the luv bridal store in Chatswood. Carol was amazing!

Hayley P. says:

22 Apr 2014 in Wedding Dresses

For the price of these dresses they are gorgeous. Very affordable and lots of variety.

Rachel S. says:

29 Mar 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Stunning dresses. amazing quality and value for money. helpful staff!

Tessa B. says:

01 May 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Thank you to the helpful girls at luv bridal my dress was perfect i felt like a princess !!!

Lauren I. says:

26 Apr 2014 in Wedding Dresses

The staff were friendly and helpful in all of my appointments (except on one occasion an older assistant helped me in a dress then walked away to talk to another customer during one of our appointments making it a little awkward for me to get help to get out of it), gorgeous range of dresses and accessories. They have fantastic package deals in which I got my dress, headpiece, veil and 3 bridesmaids dresses at the same place.

Brooke M. says:

22 Mar 2014 in Wedding Dresses

The ladies at Luv Bridal helped me to find the perfect dress to compliment my body shape. The dress was stunning and reasonably priced - everyone commented on the style and just how flattering it was.

Danielle W. says:

20 Sep 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Friendly and helpful, do get busy maybe could have afew more staff, but on a whole had a great range at good prices

Dani B. says:

01 Mar 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Very helpful

Ronnie P. says:

20 Oct 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Found my perfect dress without any fuss or drama.

Krystal S. says:

28 Feb 2014 in Wedding Dress Designers

Great price and styles so many to pick from.

Vicki F. says:

22 Feb 2014 in Wedding Dresses

Loving, caring, helpful, generous with their time, lots to choose from and they go out of their way to look after you. Highly recommend.

Kylie B. says:

01 Dec 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Lovely helpful ladies!! Beautiful dresses at great prices. Ecstatic with my choice of dress. Having recently had a baby before my wedding I didn't feel confident about my mummy body but these ladies made me feel beautiful & found me the most amazing dress!

Rebecca T. says:

01 Jun 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Very helpful staff, gorgeous dress at a great price.

Stacey W. says:

18 Jan 2014 in Wedding Dresses

They know what they are doing

Kelly R. says:

17 Sep 2013 in Wedding Dresses

the staff were great very helpful after a few minutes of telling the ladies what i wanted i had my dream dress.

05 Feb 2014 Luv Bridal & Formal - Factory Direct says:

Hi Kelly, Thanks so much for rating Luv on EasyWeddings. We'd love to see some pictures from your wedding -- please email any you'd like to share to! Hope you're enjoying your new role as 'MRS' xx

Nichole D. says:

09 Nov 2013 in Wedding Dresses

So many beautiful dresses at half the cost. The staff were very helpful and never pushy.

Emily W. says:

07 Sep 2013 in Wedding Dresses

I truly felt like a princess. Amazing people who helped me discover my perfect dress.

Santina P. says:

02 Oct 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Beautiful Dress

Alana D. says:

08 Nov 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Provided good service the day I went to find my dress. The sales person was very helpful in helping me "look outside the box". I was disappointed with the dress maker recommendation though... find your own!

Nikita G. says:

15 Nov 2013 in Wedding Dresses

The girls at Luv Bridal were wonderful with helping me choose my dress. I had one in mind and it wasn't for me, but we found a stunning dress within a half an hour of looking! Couldn't be happier with the price and service from Luv Bridal.

Paige T. says:

22 Jun 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Robina store, lovely ladies, very helpful and welcoming

Lavin T. says:

04 Aug 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Elegance designed dresses in affordable and resonable price.

Olivia M. says:

06 Oct 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Again, the ladies here were simply lovely and very helpful

Kyira G. says:

27 Jul 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Great to deal with

Kayla S. says:

12 Jul 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Julia at Luv Bridal was so helpful. She helped me pick 5 dresses and was honest when I asked her opinion which helped me choose my beautiful dress. They have such a large range at a really good price and the service is impeccable

Cassandra D. says:

13 Jul 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Selina was amazing, she was the first person to ask questions about my wedding and my dream dress. Selina turned my dream dress into reality and I had the most amazing dress ever.

Amanda R. says:

21 Jun 2013 in Wedding Dresses

My dress was the most beautiful thing ever. From the moment I tried it on to all my dress fittings. I just loved it. My husband also was mezmorised. He is not an emotional guy however it brought tears to his eyes. EVERYONE commented on my dress and just how amazing it looked. All the girls were looking at the lace detailing. It was perfect. The girls at luvbridal were also very friendly and helpful. Made me feel at ease.

Donelle T. says:

26 Apr 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Staff were so friendly and it made buying a dress so much fun. Unlike a lot of places they were really personal and honest without being pushy and they made picking a dress easy, and they have an amazing range of dresses for bride and bridesmaids dresses.

Lisa V. says:

27 Apr 2013 in Wedding Dresses

My dress was absolutely gorgeous and everyone at the wedding commented on how beautiful I looked! I am happy to say that I found my perfect dress thanks the Luv Bridal and their wonderful staff.

Hayley A. says:

26 Apr 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Lovely shop assistants, great to deal with and good prices.

Susan V. says:

28 Mar 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Fantastic dress at an even better price. They have a huge selection of dresses all at very reasonable prices.

Lorraine D. says:

22 Mar 2013 in Wedding Dresses

They were okay a lot more pleasant to deal with than some stores we went into.

Sarah B. says:

06 Oct 2012 in Wedding Dresses

The store person was great, she made my wedding experience that much better. She really helped me pick the right dress for me.

Christine M. says:

07 Apr 2012 in Wedding Dress Designers

Beautiful dress made by designers at Luv Bridal. Heaps of styles and choices

Christine M. says:

07 Apr 2012 in Wedding Dresses

This was the last shop on my bridal dress shopping day. I picked my dress off the rack and absolutely loved it. Huge range of styles. I wish I could wear my dress again!!!

Palisa C. says:

24 Nov 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Picked the first dress I tried on,was even more happy when I realised the bargin price. Tonnes of dresses to choose. The ladies here really listened to what i wanted, plucked out the dresses from my description and was helpful in everyway, even found a beautiful veil and jewellery also.

Leanne G. says:

17 Sep 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Great Staff, attention to details, gorgeous dresses

Anne H. says:

09 Dec 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Friendly service, affordable dresses. My dress came earlier than epected.

Vikki L. says:

28 Oct 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Great friendly & happy staff.

Rhea P. says:

01 Sep 2012 in Wedding Dresses

The girls that work here are friendly and extremely helpful. Had lots of suggestions about ways to make the dress your own and very reasonably priced. A lot of guests mentioned how beautiful my dress was and they commented on the detail and quality.

Stef R. says:

22 Sep 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Luv bridal has beautiful gowns and so affordable with nothing over $1200. High quality and the girls at the logan store were so helpful. Large range, simply stunning.

Laura M. says:

21 Oct 2012 in Wedding Dresses

The staff are so helpful and the store has beautiful gowns. This was the first store I looked in and I found my dress - first one I spotted too! Great range, great service

Kate S. says:

12 Oct 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Extensive Range, reasonable prices and staff are extremly helpful

Steph B. says:

18 Feb 2012 in Wedding Dresses

They had the most amazing dresses at good prices as well as the most nicest and helpful staff

Natasha H. says:

02 Feb 2013 in Wedding Dresses

dress was absolutely perfect. I felt like a princess

Kim C. says:

11 Aug 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Great service, great price and GREAT dresses!

Kelly C. says:

30 Jun 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Very happy with my dress just not happy with after sales service at all

Jessica B. says:

23 Mar 2013 in Wedding Dresses

Terrible service. The sales people were so so rude. Shame, it was the only let down for our wedding.

Annie B. says:

06 Dec 2011 in Wedding Dresses

beautiful wedding dresses at affordable prices

Ms Sheree K. says:

26 May 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Huge range of gorgeous dresses - very helpful

19 May 2012 in Wedding Dresses


Melissa F. says:

17 Mar 2012 in Wedding Dresses

The staff were fantastic to work with and helped me to choose the perfect gown. They were so great we didn't need to look any further.

Yasmin G. says:

17 Mar 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Great staff, very helpful!! I had no idea what I wanted but I ended up choosing and taking home a dress on the same day. Tried on so many dresses! highly recommend.

Charlene R. says:

03 Dec 2010 in Wedding Dresses

Jodie and her team at Loganholme were AMAZING! I received such a high level of customer service, and brought my dress and my bridesmaid dresses there! I felt important, and was always looked after! And I found my perfect dress at an affordable price! You MUST stop to look!

03 Mar 2012 in Wedding Dresses

Found my dream dress here and the staff we so helpful to ensure they got it to me in time.

Rebecca G. says:

20 Nov 2010 in Wedding Dresses

I couldn't recommend Luv bridal enough. They have a massive range of styles and prices to suit all tastes. Their staff were the most friendly and helpful of all the stores I visited and without the pompous attitude that wedding places seem to have!

Amanda D. says:

11 Nov 2011 in Wedding Dresses

lovely place! A large range to choose from, Not personalized though

Mrs Karen W. says:

05 Nov 2011 in Wedding Dresses

My dress was SENSATIONAL. I have never felt so gorgeous or feminine

11 Nov 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Great Service , I got a beautiful Dress for under $1000 Never Worn !

Kristie C. says:

22 Oct 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Fantastic dresses but for the large amount of money I thought they could of at least altered them as well

Regan S. says:

01 Nov 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Perfect dress, staff were very helpful, prices were very realistic, highly recommended.

Phoebe B. says:

20 Aug 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Beautiful gowns at an amazing price.

Kerri-Ann D. says:

14 May 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Two weeks before my wedding there was a snaffoo with my dress and I had to get a new one. I bought a dress off the rack at Luv Bridal with their assistance. It is stunning and unique and perfect. Any dress purchased there gets a free steam cleaning the week of the wedding. Impeccable service.

30 Jul 2011 in Wedding Dresses

the girls are sooo lovely although there there was 1 girl i wasnt keen on. they were so helpfull and happy to have me come in quite a few times to help with my dress. recommend this place as were so helpful and lovely

Sandra F. says:

05 Feb 2011 in Wedding Dresses

I highly recommend Luv for finding my perfect wedding dress at a really reasonable price! My needs were met by my awesome fitter Kate, who was sweet and sensitive and able to have me look my best by helping find the ultimate dress for my wedding day!

Vanessa K. says:

21 May 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Katie - the shop assistant at Luv Bridal was fantastic. Anyone getting married should definitely make their dress appointment with her, she's excellent to deal with and very respectful!

Jacinta M. says:

21 May 2011 in Wedding Dresses

great price on designer dress, girls were helpful and polite

14 May 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Staff were so helpful and cheerful. Made my dress buying experience really enjoyable! The dress was perfect. Exactly what I had always dreamt of!!

16 Apr 2011 in Wedding Dresses

A great selection, very helpful staff, offered to dry clean as was dirty as I bought off the rack.

Miss Kate M. says:

24 Oct 2010 in Wedding Dresses

fantastic service

26 Feb 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Very happy with Bridal Dress and service provided.

26 Feb 2011 in Wedding Dress Designers

The girls here are so lovely and helpful! I can't recommend them enough!

Kelly T. says:

12 Mar 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Amazing range .... but still managed to pick my perfect dress thank yiou ladies

06 Feb 2011 in Wedding Dresses

Staff are very friendly & helpful. They don't jump on you & pressure you to try everything on. They were more the happy to let me take my time & fuss over all the dresses. Complementary pressing of the dress before the wedding was a big PLUS. Highly recommend

20 Nov 2010 in Wedding Dresses

LOVE MY DRESS!! If I could find somewhere else to wear it I would just to wear it again. The staff here are exceptional!! Friendly, helpful and absolutely lovely. Wonderful dresses at the best prices I've ever seen.

Kathryn P. says:

11 Sep 2010 in Wedding Dresses

Great service we were able to walk around and see the dresses. Fabulous price as well.

Madonna S. says:

06 Nov 2010 in Wedding Dresses

Jodey and her staff are amazing and very helpful..professional and friendly..must go and see...beautiful designs

Ms Emma C. says:

20 Oct 2010 in Wedding Dresses

The staff were more than helpful & informative.

02 Oct 2010 in Wedding Dresses

awsome range of dresses and so helpful finding the right one for you

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