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Stephanie & Nicholas

1637 days since our wedding!


The Bride

Stephanie is a lucky girl who moved to Perth and met Nick pretty much straight away.

From there the relationship grew and had spent the last three years living with Nick in her home.

She recently finshed her Bachelor of Architectural Science degree and is looking for work in the field focusing on sustainabilty. A job would be good as it means more money for the wedding :)

Currently she is planning everything in the wedding with her creative streak running rampant. She needs it as most things for the wedding are DIY and that is keeping her busy.

The Groom

Nick is the laidback groom.

Nick currently works very hard as a dogger and rigger on a construction site in the city. On weekends he watches sport, makes sure he goes to the malaga markets and spends time playing golf or with mates.

His winning charm on the first date ensured a follow up: He took her to a nice restaurant, talked about cars, they had a romantic stroll along the beach and went to a carnival. He then took her home and vomited in the middle of her street!

But he got to make it up to her on the second date.

How We Met

Nick and steph met at Malaga post office. Nick doing the daily mailing for his company and Steph working at the post office behind the counter.

Before they have even talked to each other Nick had told his mate that he was going to go out with that girl. Two weeks later he worked up the courage to ask her on a date.

She said yes, and the rest is history!

They have been together 4 year last January.

The Proposal

Nick decided to do the most unromantic proposal ever.

The ring had already been chosen but Nick still wanted it to be a surprise. Thinking that doing anything special would give the game away he chose a random night during the week and asked Steph while she was cooking dinner.

The answer was yes.

Dinner was good.