Rachel & Terence’s Wedding

Wedding: 10/01/2010

Posted by Rebecca | 10 January, 2010

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How We Met:

In the secong year of my uni degree, I took a music subject as part of the arts component of the course. Little did i know that my future husband was one of the teachers of the course. He was not my teacher, but taught the other class. He came in one afternoon as I was leaving and I recognised him. (Terence also worked at the conservatorium where my brother was studying.) We introduced ourselves, chatted via email for a week, and then he took me out to dinner. The rest, they say, is history.

The Proposal:

After 5 year together and 2 year living together, we had discussed the idea of marrage. We both looked for rings and I pointed a few out. Then he went and ordered a ring and told me nothing of was what to come. One Sunday afternoon, he drove me to the watangan mountains and we had a picnic.It was on the second look-out that he dropped to one knee and popped the question.

Wedding Dress:

I wanted something classy and elegant. A bit of lace, beading and sleeves. I found, in the second shop I looked in, exactly that. An Angeline design at Farrari Foramal and Bridal. It is a coat effect tulle gown with decorated dreading and appliqued lace with a chapel length train. I loved it!


I bought most of the jewellery and borrowed and bracelet and wore my grandmother wedding ring. I also bought a short veil for decoration.

Groom's Attire:

Simple black suits with vest and tie.


Peacock blue dresses with beading. It was only the second dress that they tryed on.

Wedding Theme:

Simple and elegant was the theme with blue, white and gold.


I always wanted white roses, and my florest suggested adding a colour, so i chose pink with black berries.My bouquet was a tear drop shape and the bridesmaids had posies.

Ceremony Reception Decor

The cemony was in a private garden and the beautiful surrounds made decorating easy, white carpet and covered chairs was all we needed. The reception was decorated as part of the package. 3 tired candle holders with the blue, white and gold theme in the gifts for our guests. Silk arrangements in ceramic vases completed the look.


The bridal party traveled to the venue in a 1960 Austin Princess Limo.


Fruit cake and chocolate. They were placed alternate on the tables.


3 tiers, 2 with friut cake and one with white mud. White icing with blue ribbon. Finding the bears for the top was a bargain - eBay!


As my husband is a musician, it wasn't even talked about. We knew exactly what would happen. 4 peice band, piano, bass, drums and sax. Our guest commented how wonderful it was to have a live band to dance to. They made the atmosphere very special.


We went to Hong Kong and Vietnam and the most fabulous time ever!

Special Moments:

There were so many, but I would have to say one special moment was when my dad handed me to Terence where we stood hand in hand looking into each others eyes.


Everyone will tell you it goes so fast, and it does. But jump on the rollacoasta and go on the most fabulous ride of your life.