Melissa and Tom catch a tram to Fremantle wedding

Wedding: 28/08/2015

Posted by Lucy | 16 January, 2016

Stuck for wedding transport? Why not try the tram, as did Melissa Cameron and Tom Newburn.

“We travelled by tram [Perth Tram Company] so we could be with our bridal party and parents for the whole journey. It was a lot of fun,” smiles Melissa. The pair, both aged 25, married at their Fremantle wedding on August 28, 2015. Along their journey, they made a special stop. “We visited the church of my great grandmother’s wedding who is still with us today at the wonderful age of 103, she is the kindest soul I have ever known,” smiles Melissa.

They married at Monument Hill Fremantle in front of 50 close family and friends – and a special pup! “Our beautiful dog was there as our ‘flower girl,’ she means so much to us and we were so happy she could be part of our special day,” says Melissa. “My wedding ring was the very same ring Tom gave me on our six-year anniversary as my promise ring, seemed like the perfect way to fulfil a promise.”

Melissa had a change of dress for their reception at Moore & Moore Café so she could “dance the night away.” She says, “We chose this place as it was a beautiful representation of Fremantle’s history and was perfect for our intimate cocktail wedding.”

Photos courtesy of Perth Photography.


Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_001 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_003
Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_004 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_005
Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_007 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_012
Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_010 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_011



Wild Heart Flowers designed all the beautiful bouquets.

Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_010 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_013




Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_017 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_018
Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_019 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_020
Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_021 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_022


Melissa’s wedding gown was a unique creation, with the bodice from one gown she bought and the long tulle skirt her sister had made overseas.







“For the photos I wore a stole with my grandmother’s brooch that my mum also wore on her wedding day,” says Melissa.





Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_031 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_034Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_039
Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_032 Melissa_Tom_Fremantle-Wedding_SBS_033


“It was very important to us to include a little personal touch wherever we could to make the day truly unique to us and to share everything we love with those we love,” says Melissa.

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