(Not) love at first sight leads to Rachel and Juan Pierre’s farm wedding

Wedding: 21/02/2015

Posted by Lucy | 19 January, 2016

When you know, you know. Which is why Rachel Weber and Juan Pierre Nel were living together after one month of dating and engaged that same year.

“It wasn’t love at first sight… but as we started to date we found a real connection and fell for each other,” smiles Rachel. “We moved in together only a month later. I then left for a five-week trip to the USA – it was hard to be apart but it really cemented our relationship and made JP realise he wanted to marry me. (I secretly wanted to marry him too!)”

The smitten Adelaide pair were engaged later that year, and married on February 21, 2015 after around 12 months of planning. The quick wedding raised a few concerns with friends and family members, but Rachel said they were able to overcome others’ doubts. “We knew we were right for each other. I’m just glad we didn’t let them sway us,” she explains.

For the farm wedding at One Tree Hill on Adelaide’s outskirts, the couple wanted a relaxed day. “We wanted to elope but my mum thought we would regret not having a ‘proper’ wedding,” says Rachel. “We didn’t want a formal [church] ceremony and hated the thought of making our guests wait around for hours between the ceremony and reception and having to travel to various locations.”

This desire led to a garden ceremony and reception at Al Ru Farm. “As a gesture to our parents we hung a white cross from the arbour in the garden,” says Rachel. The bride and groom added several personal touches to the day including ‘happy tears’ tissue packets, heart-shaped fans and homemade biltong bombonniere – traditional South African jerky honouring Juan Pierre’s heritage.

“We are so pleased our friends and family enjoyed our day and are thankful we decided not to elope,” says Rachel. “Having them witness our marriage highlighted to them how in love and happy we are.”

Photos courtesy of Lucy Jane Photography.

Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_001 Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_002
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“I believe not wanting a [traditional] wedding day as such allowed us to really enjoy the planning experience,” explains Rachel.

Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_013 Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_014



Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_016 Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_017
Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_018 Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_019

Juan hired some buskers he’d seen in the Adelaide city mall to perform during the ceremony! “This is why I love him,” says Rachel. “He gives everyone a chance.”



Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_020 Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_021





“My husband laboured over his 1975 Triumph TC 2500, redoing it so it was ready in time for the wedding,” says Rachel.


Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_033 Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_SBS_028




Style U created Rachel’s classic up do.

Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_027 Rachel_Juan_Farm-Wedding_028






“The converted barn is full of genuine antique mirrors which added light and depth to the room,” Rachel says of Al Ru Farm.



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