Lang and Blake start next chapter with modern elegant wedding

Wedding: 18/11/2015

Posted by Lucy | 9 February, 2016

After 14 years of a “thrilling” ride, travelling 35 countries and living life to the max, Lang Te and Balke Otene got hitched.

The couple married at their modern elegant wedding on November 18, 2015 in front of 110 guests. They chose Crown Casino in Melbourne for their ceremony and reception and Lang was having “none of that frilly stuff.” “I do not enjoy anything frilly, pink, pastel, and if I did not deem it necessary I did not bother with it,” laughs the carefree bride, aged 33. It was her partner Blake, aged 32, that was more the “bridezillia” according to Lang. “He wanted to fly in on a helicopter!”

Lang and Blake attended high school together in New Zealand and moved over to Melbourne about a decade ago. Since then they have travelled 35 countries, worked on their careers and property portfolio. “It’s gone so fast as we have had so much fun,” smiles Lang.

Weddings are always a busy time but Lang and Blake had a few extra things on their plate. “Once everyone started flying in it became mayhem!” explains Lang. “It was so much fun to have 30 adults and 11 kids all staying in my house.”

The couple honeymooned on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road at the Lorne Hotel.

Photos courtesy of Michelle Ducasse Photography.

Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_SBS_001 Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_SBS_002
Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_SBS_007 Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_SBS_008



Carla Rae Makeup Artist took care of Lang’s picture perfect look.


Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_SBS_012 Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_SBS_013


Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_016 Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_SBS_015




Lang’s beaded-encrusted strapless gown was sourced from Kylie J. Bridal & Formal.

Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_024  Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_003



Lang says she and Blake are best friends, but total opposites.

Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_SBS_023 Lang_Blake_Modern-Elegant-Wedding_028




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