An outdoor vintage wedding tea party: Kelli & Steve

Wedding: 3/12/2011

Posted by Rebecca | 30 December, 2012

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How We Met:

Through a friend.

The Proposal:

He surprised me at a winery in the Hunter Valley, I thought I was going to a work lunch with a very dear friend of mine when I stumbled across a bouquet of helium balloons. At the base of this was an envelope with my name on it, as I opened the envelope with anticipation the card inside consisted of a romantic riddle which led me on to my next clue, I followed a path of rose petals all through the vineyard gardens with a total of seven riddles and clues each one as romantic as the last, when I reached the end of the rose petal path there was a beautiful old white church a picnic rug with more rose petals and and balloons and my favourite antipasto and bottle of wine. And then there I saw him down on one knee waiting with his final riddle your the person I cant live without the one I need, the one I want, the one I love, will you marry me, and gave me the most beautiful ring I could ever of imagined.

Wedding Dress:

Silvia Rose dress that my mum altered to make it exactly how I wanted it - it was a totally different dress when she had finished.


Headdress : Sharon Maher (Family Friend) Shoes : Wanted Rings & jewellery : Michael Hill & Appleye Hair & make-up : Admire Beauty

Groom's Attire:

Was purchased from Yd and Tramps.


Jayne Cooper wore a dress from Harbour Rose, Emily Wales wore a Target dress which a had a sweet neckline of lace which we added on, Krystle Maher wore a Forever New dress and Stacey Selladore wore a dress which my mother sewed.

Wedding Theme:

An outdoor vintage tea party with an assortment of games, pastel colors.


Jenny Hackett roses (friend of a friend).

Ceremony Reception Decor



A.B.L.E Classic cars.


We purchased all different types of crystal glasses from op-shops attached love quotes to the stems and sent them home with each guest.


Carol Rumble (family friend).


Family and friends that volunteered.



Special Moments:

The morning of my wedding I got up and went for a walk with a friend, we stopped and sat down and she said to me take a deep breath and soak everything in because today was my wedding day and today was the day I was going to remember for the rest of my life because today I was marrying the person that I loved, the person I wanted to share my hopes and dreams with. We prayed together and later when the hour had arrived as i walked down the isle with my eyes fixed on my husband-to-be I felt a peace and joy that flooded me, it was one of those moments where everything else faded away and I remembered the conversation from that morning and the prayer that we prayed and knew that I was truly blessed.


DIY for your wedding is awesome and romantic to do with your fiance however everything did take a lot longer to get done than we thought and between work and other commitments we did not have hardly any spare time which did make things quite stressfull, stress we both could have done without however we did save a lot of money doing it ourselves. The moments we shared with our bridal party and each other, we wouldn't trade for anything.