He was a skater boy: Amy and Alex’s vintage beach wedding

Wedding: 21/02/2015

Posted by Lucy | 16 February, 2016

Skater boy Alex and roller girl Amy met as teenagers.

Years later they married at their vintage beach wedding on February 21, 2015. “We met at our mutual hangout, Skate FX … we were both young and didn’t have much money so of our first dates were at the beach,” smiles Amy. This meant sandy shores were an obvious choice for their special day.

The proposal was also beach-related, but not exactly smooth sailing in the water! “There were large waves rolling in and we had our kayaks packed,” says 27-year-old Amy about a trip to their “secret beach.” “Alex overestimated my paddling abilities and after pushing me out to sea, and three large waves later, my kayak capsized,” she laughs. Luckily, a quick recovery was made and the pair were engaged.

Their wedding at Normanville Beach in South Australia was attended by 110 guests – not all human. “The intimate ceremony consisted of close friends and family, and the dog of course!” says Amy. “The vows and rings were exchanged whilst the waves crashed calmly along the shore.”

The party continued at Corinium Roman Villa where Amy said everything ran smoothly thanks to the hosts.

Photos courtesy of Ricky Corey (CTR Photos.)

Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_003 Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_004
Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_020 Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_SBS_007

Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_017 Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_SBS_001


Amy and her mother-in-law spent time collecting shells for the unique handmade bouquets.





Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_SBS_021 Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_027
Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_009 Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_010



Amy’s beach-proof up-style was created by Anamnesis.






Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_SBS_018 Amy_Alex_Vintage-Beach-Wedding_SBS_020


Man to Man dressed Alex for the smart-casual beach affair.

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