Georgia & Shane’s Wedding

Wedding: 9/06/2012

Posted by Rebecca | 23 November, 2012

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How We Met:

We met through a friend on a night out in Airlie Beach.

The Proposal:

Shane proposed on our 2nd anniversary at Cape Gloucester Eco-Resort. I did say 'I dodn't know, I don't know if I'm ready' when he first asked me.. Think I was in shock didn't believe it was happening to me. However we had recently purchased land together so I figured Marriage is nothing compared to debt so I didn't know what I was unsure about.

Wedding Dress:

I got my dress from Hills in Hollywood Mackay. I love it we had a beach wedding so I wanted something simple and with minimal layers.


Diamonte bracelet (Prouds), earrings(eBay) and hair piece(Hills in Hollywood Townsville)

Groom's Attire:

White hidden button shirt, with sandy beige dress pants from Climate Clothing Proserpine.


I had my sisters for my bridesmaids. They had Aqua simple full length dresses. And they just wore a bangle and stud earrings.

Wedding Theme:

Aqua Beach Theme


Bloomin Whitsundays, Proserpine did an amazing job with my boquets suited our wedding perfectly. Orange mini roses, baby daisy looking flowers, burnt organge orchids.

Ceremony Reception Decor

Simple & Relaxed, beach style!


Whitsunday Transit Buses took our guest and the groom to the wedding and we caught it back to Airlie Beach.


Lollie Buffet, we did ourselves however Cape Gloucester set it up


Fruit Cake made by Clare Appleton


iPod, we had a daytime wedding reception so thought this would be enough was going for a Sunday session feel but I wish I had have live band or something cause it would have kept the mood lighter.


Magnetic Island, Townsville North Queensland. It was lovely over there just the quiet time we needed!

Special Moments:

We had a huge native bee come around the bridesmaids bouquets while the ceremony was taking place the girls were trying so hard to ignore it but it all got to much and they were scared of it so they were all ducking and trying to get away from it, my uncle dove in to whack it and got one of the girls and then my husband got under my veil and said 'I'm going in to save you' (like a beekeeper) super funny! We also had a butterfly release that was just wonderful!


Make it is exactly what you want cause you only get to do it once (this doesn't mean you have to spend a fortune) But make sure you will have no regrets. Love the day from the moment you wake up!!