Clare and Jason map out their love at ‘big fat’ Melbourne wedding

Wedding: 24/01/2015

Posted by Lucy | 2 January, 2016

Clare Gioules’ ability to read maps attracted now husband, Jason Chown.

Clare signed up to RSVP with the caption ‘I can read maps.’ “After travelling, one talent I had acquired was reading maps. They often say girls can’t read maps, but I always wanted to prove that girls can do anything guys can do,” she says. “As luck would have it, Jason [36] has zero sense of direction and immediately contacted me!”

Their Melbourne wedding several years later was, as 35-year-old Clare describes, starting to turn into My Big Fat Greek Wedding. “As I have lots of cousins, and cousins’ cousins, this became the running joke, so we just went with it,” laughs Clare. “It’s traditional on my side of the family that you must invite anyone that is remotely related. Jason’s family is a little smaller.”

They married with a ceremony at St John’s Catholic Church in Heidelberg, followed by a reception themed ‘European village market’ at Fitzroy Town Hall. Explains Clare, “My mum was born in Macedonia, and when they moved out here all the Macedonian and Greek weddings were traditionally held at the Fitzroy Town Hall. They loved that we picked it as it brought back lots of memories.”

With just 25 guests from the Chown clan, Clare says, “Jason’s wedding speech started with ‘when we started planning this wedding, I wanted a small intimate affair’ — we had 165 guests – 140 he didn’t even know!”

“He went on to say, however, ‘As I look around the room tonight, I think we’ve achieved exactly that.’”

Photos courtesy of Anthony Milnes Photography.


Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_002 Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_003


Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_005 Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_006
Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_007 Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_008


The bride’s Karen Willis Holmes’ gown with layers of tulle was a stunner.



Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_011 Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_012




“There is no judgement in our relationship, we love each other for exactly who we are,” smiles Clare.






Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_019 Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_022
Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_023 Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_024

“I wanted to replicate our home life at our wedding,” says Clare of the European style menu with “delicious feasting platters.”

Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_025 Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_027
Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_029 Clare_Jason_Elegant-Melbourne-Wedding_SBS_028


Venue decor, including metres and metres of beautiful, bright coloured bunting, was taken care of by styling wizards, Two Birds Events.




“I may have the sense of direction, but Jason has the sense of humour,” smiles Clare.

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