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There’s a lot going on with Easy Weddings and the wedding industry. This article will be updated as often as needed with news of upcoming webinars, links to recordings and industry news.


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Upcoming Webinars

  • How To Perfect Your Easy Weddings Storefront – on October 27 at 1pm AEST, Business Development Manager, Chelsea Hall, and Content Creator, Ellie Hargreaves, will show you how to make your storefront stand out and win you more business! Register at the link.
  • 2021 Australian Wedding Survey Walk-Through – learn more about what couples want by joining the wedding survey walk-through. We’ll be running a session for suppliers on November 3 and for venue owners and staff on November 10, both at 1pm AEST. Register at the link.


Useful Apps and Websites

  • WedCRM – manage all of our sales leads from Easy Weddings and other marketing channels in your WedCRM. Log in using this link. We recommend bookmarking this link! You can also download our WedCRM app via iPhone and Android.
  • The Rain Parrot weather app was recommended to us by Perth-based photographer, Sev. It’s a paid-for app but one that gives very accurate weather information!
  • Matt, our Head of Marketing, talks about the free version of Screaming Frog (yes, it’s actual name) in his webinar to help improve SEO. See how it works by watching his webinar below! 


Webinar Recordings

We have been compiling a library of our past webinars at this link. Webinars include:


Industry News

As vaccination status plays an increasingly important role in wedding planning, it’s important to know where you stand as a supplier. Here’s some useful resources.


Suppliers That Have Caught Our Eye

We loved this post by Emma from Bolton Creations as it makes great use of a recent article we wrote about weekday weddings. If you’re ever scratching your head for ideas on what to post, just remember that we’re always producing content that is designed to capture the attention of couples from all around Australia.

And we had a laugh at this reel from wedding planner and stylist, Mel! This has had more than 4,000 views and gets to the lighter side of weddings. If you haven’t made a reel before, give it a go! Just remember that your tenth video is likely to be much better than your first but you have to start somewhere! 


Survey Insights

One notable insight from the recent couples’ survey was in response to the question ‘After finding suppliers on Easy Weddings, what do you do next?’. Nearly 30% said they enquire straight away but the highest response at 37% was to search for the supplier’s website. Remember to ask your enquiries how they first heard of you or if they visited your Easy Weddings storefront to better determine the success of your marketing channels.


Referral Program – Get $200 Off Your Advertising

If you’re a current Easy Weddings supplier, the referral program is a great way to get up to $200 off your next month’s advertising and help out another wedding business at the same time! There is no cap on how many people you can recommend, just make sure they mention your name when they contact us.


Apply to Become Part of Easy Weddings’ Packages!

Our resident team of wedding experts have been run off their feet with enquiries from couples wanting a customised selection of wedding suppliers. So how can you get involved? For 30% off your RRP, we do all the marketing, pre-qualification, sales and admin for you. You are paid directly by Easy Weddings so you don’t have to chase clients for payment, and after the event, we’ll do all we can to get more reviews for you. If you want to save time and get guaranteed bookings, email Lisa for more information.


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