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25 zero-budget marketing ideas

You might stock the most unique wedding products of the highest quality at unbeatable prices, but without marketing, you have no buyers. Hiring wedding marketing specialists can be a hefty investment for small businesses, so before you go blowing your budget on full-service agency fees, try your hand at some of these super effective and *free marketing ideas that (mostly) won’t cost you a cent:

7 types of posts that drive engagement on Facebook

Social media is all about engaging customers and keeping your brand top of mind. These posts are likely to do just that.

Seven ideas for Christmas promotions you can run with clients

Whatever industry you’re in, Christmas can provide a huge boost in sales. Here are seven ideas for festive season promotions any business can pull off.

Branding tips for small businesses with no marketing budget – or experience

A strong brand identity is the heart and soul of any business. For companies like oil giant BP, branding is a very deliberate exercise resulting in a $211,000,000USD logo. Companies like Nike on the other hand (who got lucky with their iconic $35USD swoosh) chanced their way

Periscope: what is it and how can I use it for my business?

Twitter‘s video streaming platform Periscope has been welcomed by 10 million users since its March 2015 release. The iOS and Android mobile app invites followers into users’ worlds via live broadcasts, resulting in 40 years of video being consumed every 24 hours. Broadcasts are synched with Twitter and

10 types of posts for maximising your business’ Instagram account

300 million monthly active users posting an average of 70 million photos per day tell us something about the visual storytelling app, Instagram: it’s not about to fold any time soon. Here are 10 types of Instagram pics for posting to your wedding business

Eight ways to get free publicity for your wedding business

Securing publicity for your wedding business is all about “getting ink” – and no, we’re not talking about wedding tattoos. We’re referring to unpaid appearances in print media such as newspapers and magazines, and more recently digital platforms like social media and blogs. Publicity tells

DIY public relations: how can I get involved?

Public relations can be a difficult concept to grasp for people outside the marketing profession. Unlike advertising, you don’t need to pay for it, and its success is gauged by often elusive, intangible, long-term metrics like perception – so how can you be sure it’s really

How to prepare for a wedding expo – and stand out from the crowd!

Imagine being inundated by hundreds of inspiration-seeking, information-gathering brides-to-be – and not being prepared for it? That’s what happens to so many wedding vendors who sign up for a spot at a wedding expo, then don’t know what to do

Tips for creating killer email marketing campaigns

Since organic social media reach began its steady decline into paid advertising, email marketing has once again reigned supreme as a highly valuable marketing tool for small business. Unlike social media, you can be confident email marketing messages will actually

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