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Social media analytics explained – in a way you’ll actually understand

If the thought of accidentally clicking the Facebook Insights tab on your Business Page instills nothing but fear, or you’d have better luck finding your way blindfolded around the mall than the analytics dashboard of your Twitter account, this post was

Google’s new mobile site changes and how they affect you

April 21. It’s the day business owners across the globe were dreading thanks to the looming Google algorithm changes which were to penalise websites that, among other things, weren’t mobile friendly. Thankfully, Google gave us enough notice that many millions

Content marketing: People keep telling me my business needs it but what exactly is it?

Content marketing is a fresh approach to marketing in a world where people are becoming more resistant to advertising. If you think about it, traditional advertising is usually a distraction from other content – a TV commercial that interrupts your

Setting Goals in Google Analytics

There’s little point in having an online presence for your business if nobody visits your website or buys your products and services. These two measures of online success can easily be monitored using Google’s free Analytics tool, which allows you

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