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How to handle negative feedback on social media

No matter whether you engage with one or two social media sites, or exist solely on them, it is important to brush up on how to deal with negative feedback on social media.

7 types of posts that drive engagement on Facebook

Social media is all about engaging customers and keeping your brand top of mind. These posts are likely to do just that.

Five Facebook features every business needs to know

Facebook tools to help you reconnect with followers, learn from competition and convert the visitors that find their way to your Facebook Page.

Five ways to get your customers involved and engaged with your content

  Since social media platforms have experienced declines in organic reach in recent times (which Facebook attributes to filtering the 15,000 posts users are faced with every time they log in), businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to reach customers without forking out for advertising. Businesses can,

Social media analytics explained – in a way you’ll actually understand

If the thought of accidentally clicking the Facebook Insights tab on your Business Page instills nothing but fear, or you’d have better luck finding your way blindfolded around the mall than the analytics dashboard of your Twitter account, this post was

Tips for how to handle negative posts and feedback on social media

Negative criticism can be scary, but it needn’t be. Here’s how to handle negative posts and feedback positively!

Using – and choosing hashtags in marketing

The humble hashtag can help identify potential customers, aggregate keywords and information into a single stream for easy viewing, and, despite having very little marketing value, when #UsedOutOfContext, hashtags have reached international meme-status. So how should you select and use a hashtag

Why nobody is liking your Facebook page

Most businesses have figured out by now that if they want followers to like their posts, (despite Facebook’s claims), they are going to have to pay for them to appear in customers’ news feeds. But what if you’re trying to

Why is Facebook no longer working for me?

Gone are the days where you could post on your Facebook Page and confidently expect that people will like, comment on or share your content. While it’s not impossible for your followers to find your content in their news feed,

Content marketing: People keep telling me my business needs it but what exactly is it?

Content marketing is a fresh approach to marketing in a world where people are becoming more resistant to advertising. If you think about it, traditional advertising is usually a distraction from other content – a TV commercial that interrupts your

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