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Video: We planned a wedding in two days!

Anxious about your wedding planning? Imaging having to pull off a wedding in just two days. That’s precisely what we had to do for our new TV commercial – and the fact that it wasn’t a real wedding didn’t make it any less stressful!

Woohoo! Easy Weddings’ new TV commercial is out

We’re thrilled to share our new TV commercial with you. It was the result of many months’ work – and the efforts of so many people, including 14 of our very own suppliers, a number of staff, and even a few family members.

Making sense of clicks and conversion: PPC vs. CPC

As if there weren’t enough acronyms in the online marketing world between ROI, SEM, CTA and SEO, when PPC and CPC appeared on the scene. Similar in appearance, the two are often confused by businesses seeking to increase exposure and garner clicks from digital advertising platforms like Google Ads and social media

How to get your customers to refer your business

  There’s an 80-20 rule in business that states 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. If we think about this in terms of referrals and word of mouth, it’s much more cost effective to encourage referrals from existing loyal customers

The four key steps in helping your business grow

Being a small business owner means wearing many different hats on any given day. One hat that gets left hanging on the hook when business is thriving is the Marketing Hat. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you don’t need leads when times are good.

10 must-have features on your business website in 2015

Digital marketing is dynamic and unpredictable. What worked even a year ago on your website may not be the most effective method for attracting and converting visitors in today’s online environment. Regardless of your marketing budget, here are 10 cost-effective, must-have features for your wedding

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