Staff Profile: Elise James

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Meet Elise

Director of Trends & Insights / Marketing Team Leader

Check out Elise’s real wedding as photographed by Jave Lee Photography

I was working with Easy Weddings through a PR agency when I noticed there was a digital content producer role going at the time. I really liked the small group of people that I’d met through the agency so I thought I’d apply, and I was lucky enough to get the job.

At the time I was really focusing on trying to find a job that I enjoyed rather than something I was good at but didn’t necessarily like. I love weddings and dogs so I went with the first one and it stuck!

I get to use the skills that I enjoy the most in a topic that I enjoy every day, and that is invaluable to me. I love writing, filming and video editing and Easy Weddings has given me the opportunity to apply all of these in my role. I’m given the tools to learn new skills but also the flexibility to keep doing what I love doing.

Work-life balance is really important to me because I don’t want a job where I’m stuck in the office all day. But I’ve also been in TV and PR which are industries that totally suck the personal time out of your life, and I wanted something that could balance the two.

I love getting out of the office for different occasions and having the opportunity to meet suppliers and film at industry events. I was given the opportunity to both film and present at EVOLVE 2019 which was amazing. I was also lucky enough to be one of the few people who got to go to the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas for Easy Weddings in 2018. It was definitely one of my all-time career highlights and an amazing few days of learning.

I really feel like I’ve found a job that helps me balance my personal life but also challenges me. I love being able to catch up with family and friends but also take some time in nature to myself. I have a chocolate labrador (Zeus) and a golden retriever pup (Odin) who I love to spoil and take on adventures when I have a free weekend.

The tight five:

Favourite Movie – It’s got to The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter as a film series (The Two Towers and Deathly Hallows Part 1 are my faves of each series)

Favourite Holiday Destination – Venus Bay in Victoria is my all-time favourite nostalgic place. Overseas I love France but I’m about to go on my honeymoon to Europe so that might change again!

Favourite activity at EW – Bring Your Dog To Work Day. Not only was it the best day ever but getting it approved is also up there in my all-time career highlights.

Favourite free Monday lunch – You can’t go past Nandos chips!

Easy Weddings slide count – Probably around 12. I tend to go on it every two months or so! I’m probably due for another trip now actually…

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