Staff profile: Carly Jenkins

Carly Jenkins - wedding photo

Carly on her wedding day with her new hubby Brad

What do you do at Easy Weddings?

I work in customer care here at EW. My role is pretty varied as I can be doing anything from helping out new clients coming on board with setting up their advertisements to helping out with accounts/payments.

What did you do before you joined Easy Weddings?

Before Easy Weddings, I worked in administration/customer service at a gym for four years. It was a really fun place to work (but not as fun as Easy Weddings!) and I really learned a lot of new skills which have helped me in my role at Easy Weddings.

What are three of the most common questions you hear from EW clients?


  1. Should I utilise the entire 250 word allowance in the service description for my advertisement?
    I don’t believe it is essential to use all the 250 words as brides can often get lost in the text. As long as it is direct, shows the key points of the business, that is generally all the brides are after.
  1. Why are reviews so important?
    Reviews really help to show the validity of your business. Brides really value the opinion of fellow brides and are really drawn to the suppliers who have many reviews.
  1. Why would brides take time out of their day to leave a review for my business?
    It’s actually quite a quick and easy process for a bride to leave a review. We actually find most brides are more than happy to leave reviews for businesses they had the pleasure of using for their wedding. They can also have the chance of winning the iPad competition (which is drawn each month) if they review 10 or more suppliers too!

What do you like best about working at EW?

I love working at Easy Weddings because it’s such a fun place to work. You can really tell everyone loves coming to work every day and that’s such a great culture to be a part of. It’s such an innovative business to be a part of and I love watching it grow. It’s very inspiring and I love how it really helps other business grow aswell!

What’s something fun we don’t know about you?

I love to run. I used to absolutely hate it as a kid/teenager but found to love it as I got older. I find it so good for the mind and body. Best way to clear your head ever!