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  • Traditionally, the date of a Hindu wedding was chosen using astrological calculations. Many modern Indian couples still follow this beguilling ancient tradition.
  • In ancient Rome, bridesmaids (and groomsmen) were included in the wedding party to act as decoys. They would dress like the bride and groom in the hope of confusing evil spirits who may wish the couple ill health and unhappiness.
  • Ever wondered why the bride and groom's families sit on opposite sides at a wedding ceremony? Because, in days when marriages were arranged to unite warring houses, families had to be separated to avoid potential bloodshed!
  • Our Five-Star Suppliers deadline is just days away…

    We’re fast approaching June 30, which is the cut-off date for this year’s Easy Weddings Five-Star Suppliers awards.

    These awards recognise those suppliers in the wedding industry whose service is so exemplary, their own customers have rated them a perfect 5/5 time and time again over a 12-month period.

    Those suppliers who have garnered sufficient five-star reviews during the past 12 months, will receive a framed certificate they can put on display, so be sure to get your reviews in by Tuesday to qualify. We’ve even provided a template you can email brides to help you get those reviews in faster!

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