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Did You Know?

  • One possible explanation for why wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand is the ancient Roman belief in Vena Amoris, which suggests the blood vessel in the ring finger runs directly to the heart.
  • In ancient Greece, marriage was considered a public service of sorts. In fact, there were laws allowing criminal proceedings to be brought against those who married too late - or not at all!
  • Welcome to the new-look Easy Weddings

    We’re thrilled to have launched the new-look Easy Weddings since the last Pro-Education newsletter.

    We’ve worked for many months to bring you the redesigned and re-coded website, and it looks beautiful, it’s more mobile friendly and it’s easier (and more fun) for brides to use in planning their big days.

    Oh, and our popular planning tools have also been revamped and look even more gorgeous!

    For Suppliers, your new profiles are bigger, brighter and bolder, and now allow you to add unlimited high-quality images, social media links and up to 10 videos.

    If you haven’t yet updated your profile, please do so as soon as possible. After all, we want brides to see your business in its very best light!

    If you need help with anything above, please call our customer service team on 1800 155 122 or email us.

    Until next time,
    Team Easy Weddings

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