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  • The word 'groom' is, likely, from the Old English word 'guma' which means 'man'
  • Similarly, the word 'bride,' likely, has its roots in the Proto-Indo-European word 'weip,' which means to turn, twist or wrap
  • A recent survey showed that trust was the essential element for most couples in a marriage. Trust was considered more important than friendship, forgiveness, sex, laughter and compatibility
  • The level of a person's education tends to influence how old they are when they marry. In American states with more university-educated couples, the age of marriage is higher than in states with lower levels of education
  • Share your wedding tips and tricks…

    Hello, folks! We recently launched weekly wedding tip videos featuring our suppliers and they’ve been a hit with couples planning their big days.

    So far, we’ve featured Mary-Anne Lowe from Bram Leigh and Amber Kennedy (Amber the Celebrant), and we have many more ready to go.

    The videos are short, sharp, non-promotional wedding planning tips aimed at sharing insider expertise and advice with those planning their weddings – and we’d love to feature you, too! So, if you’re interested in appearing in one of these wedding tip videos, drop Samantha, our Content Editor, an email.

    Please note, we are Melbourne-based, however, we’re currently looking at ways to shoot these videos with interstate suppliers.

    We can’t wait to hear from you!

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