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7 types of posts that drive engagement on Facebook

Social media is all about engaging customers and keeping your brand top of mind. These posts are likely to do just that.

Five Facebook features every business needs to know

Facebook tools to help you reconnect with followers, learn from competition and convert the visitors that find their way to your Facebook Page.

Why nobody is liking your Facebook page

Most businesses have figured out by now that if they want followers to like their posts, (despite Facebook’s claims), they are going to have to pay for them to appear in customers’ news feeds. But what if you’re trying to

Why is Facebook no longer working for me?

Gone are the days where you could post on your Facebook Page and confidently expect that people will like, comment on or share your content. While it’s not impossible for your followers to find your content in their news feed,

10 rules for every social media manager

Surrendering the passwords to your social media accounts can be hard when you’ve been there from the birth of your business, held its hand through the awkward pre-social media years and emotionally invested in its brand personality. The truth is,

How to set up a Facebook page in five easy steps

Facebook has become an essential channel for businesses in the wedding industry to communicate with their customers. There are almost 13 million Facebook users in Australia, and more than half of those are in the 18-35 age group – a

Making the new rules of Facebook work for your business

Facebook rules and regulations are an ever-changing landscape, much to the chagrin of business owners. What is cool today is outlawed tomorrow and nowhere has this been more noticeable than in the are of Facebook contest and promotion rules. Until

Facebook 101: Facebook pages vs Facebook profiles

With 1.15 billion users, Facebook is a goldmine of potential customers who love to share updates, images, links and videos. It’s the perfect environment for businesses to promote their products and services and become more human to the public. However,

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