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How to use Pokémon Go for business

Did you know that the average Pokemon Go player is a 25 year old university educated woman earning USD$90,000 a year?

How to write a value proposition that generates more website enquiries

  Scenario: you’re deciding between two wedding dress vendors. One offers premium brands at affordable prices, and the other offers the country’s only 65-Step Wedding Dress Matching Test – which business piques your interest? In a competitive retail space where everybody offers ‘exceptional service’ and

Same-sex couples: catering for diversity within the wedding industry

Gay marriage may not yet be legal in Australia, but it’s inevitable that it will one day be. When it does happen – and most industry watchers suggest 2016 will be the year – wedding suppliers need to wholly inclusive and understand how

Branding tips for small businesses with no marketing budget – or experience

A strong brand identity is the heart and soul of any business. For companies like oil giant BP, branding is a very deliberate exercise resulting in a $211,000,000USD logo. Companies like Nike on the other hand (who got lucky with their iconic $35USD swoosh) chanced their way

Eight ways to get free publicity for your wedding business

Securing publicity for your wedding business is all about “getting ink” – and no, we’re not talking about wedding tattoos. We’re referring to unpaid appearances in print media such as newspapers and magazines, and more recently digital platforms like social media and blogs. Publicity tells

Need more reviews? We can help!

Reviews from past clients can be a huge driver of business, regardless of your industry, but when it comes to weddings, they’re even more important. Here’s why.

DIY public relations: how can I get involved?

Public relations can be a difficult concept to grasp for people outside the marketing profession. Unlike advertising, you don’t need to pay for it, and its success is gauged by often elusive, intangible, long-term metrics like perception – so how can you be sure it’s really

How to prepare for a wedding expo – and stand out from the crowd!

Imagine being inundated by hundreds of inspiration-seeking, information-gathering brides-to-be – and not being prepared for it? That’s what happens to so many wedding vendors who sign up for a spot at a wedding expo, then don’t know what to do

Using – and choosing hashtags in marketing

The humble hashtag can help identify potential customers, aggregate keywords and information into a single stream for easy viewing, and, despite having very little marketing value, when #UsedOutOfContext, hashtags have reached international meme-status. So how should you select and use a hashtag

How to get your customers to refer your business

  There’s an 80-20 rule in business that states 80% of your sales come from 20% of your customers. If we think about this in terms of referrals and word of mouth, it’s much more cost effective to encourage referrals from existing loyal customers

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