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EW update: introduction of rich snippets

Easy Weddings has just introduced rich snippets to how your storefront search results are displayed in Google. This means higher quality leads and a potentially improved SEO ranking.

Google’s new mobile site changes and how they affect you

April 21. It’s the day business owners across the globe were dreading thanks to the looming Google algorithm changes which were to penalise websites that, among other things, weren’t mobile friendly. Thankfully, Google gave us enough notice that many millions

10 mistakes every small business owner makes

Let us preface this post with a big, fat ‘Congratulations’! Being a small business owner is hard work! But, not matter how hard you work, if you’re making any of these 10 common mistakes, ones that most business owners make

10 social media terms every business owner should know

Keeping up with social media jargon and features is a relentless pursuit. Regardless of whether you manage your own social media, or you outsource the task to an agency, it pays to have a basic understanding of the terminology. Here’s a glossary of 10 terms to get you started:

Content marketing: People keep telling me my business needs it but what exactly is it?

Content marketing is a fresh approach to marketing in a world where people are becoming more resistant to advertising. If you think about it, traditional advertising is usually a distraction from other content – a TV commercial that interrupts your

Understanding keywords and keyword phrases

  Keywords are crucial when it comes to online searching. They play a pivotal role in helping search engines find your content (and, consequently, your website) amongst all the other words and the estimated 4.12 billion pages on the Internet.

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