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What Google Analytics will tell you about your website that you probably don’t know

Google Analytics helps you capture useful information about your business, which helps you make better informed, more profitable business decisions.

Social media analytics explained – in a way you’ll actually understand

If the thought of accidentally clicking the Facebook Insights tab on your Business Page instills nothing but fear, or you’d have better luck finding your way blindfolded around the mall than the analytics dashboard of your Twitter account, this post was

Video: A beginner’s guide to Google Analytics

Easy Weddings holds regular Supplier Nights, during which we aim to educate clients in the latest digital marketing trends, as well as the basics of running a small business. In this video, Easy Weddings’ analytics guru  Simon Wawrzyniak and Premium

Google Analytics 101

A basic introduction to all things Google Analytics…

10 business New Year’s resolutions every business owner should make

As 2016 approaches faster than a shotgun wedding, it’s time to get your business New Year’s resolutions in order.

Analytics: What are they and why do I need them?

  If just the thought of analytics makes you want to crawl under a technology rock, you’re not alone. But analytics are not something to be afraid of. In fact, they are something to embrace for business development and valuable

10 social media terms every business owner should know

Keeping up with social media jargon and features is a relentless pursuit. Regardless of whether you manage your own social media, or you outsource the task to an agency, it pays to have a basic understanding of the terminology. Here’s a glossary of 10 terms to get you started:

Using Funnels | Google Analytics

In previous editions of your Pro-Education newsletter, we’ve talked about the importance of conversions, this edition we’ll explain the importance of funnels. Funnels, as we know, are coned-shaped devices used to and can be used to transfer a liquid substance

Setting Goals in Google Analytics

There’s little point in having an online presence for your business if nobody visits your website or buys your products and services. These two measures of online success can easily be monitored using Google’s free Analytics tool, which allows you

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