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EW update: introduction of rich snippets

Easy Weddings has just introduced rich snippets to how your storefront search results are displayed in Google. This means higher quality leads and a potentially improved SEO ranking.

25 zero-budget marketing ideas

You might stock the most unique wedding products of the highest quality at unbeatable prices, but without marketing, you have no buyers. Hiring wedding marketing specialists can be a hefty investment for small businesses, so before you go blowing your budget on full-service agency fees, try your hand at some of these super effective and *free marketing ideas that (mostly) won’t cost you a cent:

Photo editing and graphic design apps for non-designers

Here are some easy to use photo editing apps for the less skilled (but no less imaginative) to create their own professional looking graphics.

5 simple strategies to optimise your photos for Google’s image search

Brides search for images on Google for inspiration. Here are simple ways to ensure your images appear in Google’s image search results.

What Google Analytics will tell you about your website that you probably don’t know

Google Analytics helps you capture useful information about your business, which helps you make better informed, more profitable business decisions.

Increase your sales by sending these five emails

Five emails your business can send to build rapport, encourage loyalty, create top-of-mind awareness, and ultimately generate more sales

Boost your marketing on zero budget with these free marketing tools

Five free marketing tools every business should have to ensure they’re making the most of their digital presence.

Five simple ideas that will boost your email marketing list almost instantly

Five ideas to start growing your list today, for greater returns on your email marketing tomorrow.

Five ways to get your customers involved and engaged with your content

  Since social media platforms have experienced declines in organic reach in recent times (which Facebook attributes to filtering the 15,000 posts users are faced with every time they log in), businesses are finding it increasingly difficult to reach customers without forking out for advertising. Businesses can,

Setting your New Year social media resolutions

It’s a brand new year and, for most of us, with every New Year comes a resolutions or two, many of them recycled (exercise more, read regularly, drink less etc) but also a few new promises we’ll be trying to keep. If you’re

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