This is what the average 2019 couple looks like

Every year we survey Australian couples to see who they are, how they’re planning their weddings, and how we can use this information to help grow the wedding industry even further.

Our 2019 Australian Wedding Industry survey included data from more than 4,100 couples, the largest survey of couples getting married in Australia to date. As a result, we’ve put together an look at what the average couple in Australia is like, what they have going on in their lives, and how their wedding fits into that.

Who are they?

The average couple getting married in Australia are getting married for the first time, so we know they’ve never really planned a wedding before.

90% of them will be getting married in their home state and have been to at least 2 weddings in the 12 months prior to their wedding. Which means that there is a lot of potential for word-of-mouth and referrals when it comes to booking more couples. Consider this, every wedding you work has the potential to give you two more leads!

The average bride will be 28 years old when she gets married, with the average groom being 29. With the legalisation of same-sex marriage at the end of 2017, we’ve also seen a 4% growth of same-sex couples entering the industry to plan their weddings. So while this hasn’t been the initial spike that was expected, the industry is definitely growing.

2019 wedding couple

Image by Lydia Downe Photography. See the real wedding.

The average Australian couple has generally already achieved some life goals together before they tie the knot. 89% of couples will live together before getting married, 49% will have bought a house, and 29% will already have children or be expecting on their big day. These numbers continue to creep up as more couples are fitting their wedding around their life, rather than styling their lives around their wedding day.

This is particularly interesting to note as it does change the way that couples are approaching weddings. We’re seeing weddings become more about the couple rather than just one half of the couple. We’re also seeing more of a focus on children and even fur-children in weddings, incorporating these lifestyle elements into what has become a more personalised day.

This also comes into play when we look at how couples are choosing quality over quantity when it comes to their weddings. They’re inviting around 97 guests to share their day with, the same as the previous year, and 12% flat out say that they won’t be inviting plus ones. Their wedding parties are also getting smaller, with the couple now having 8 people in their party (including themselves) instead of 10. All of this reflects the more intimate and personalised style that modern couples are looking to achieve with their wedding day.

2019 wedding couple

Image by Ed Sloane Photography. See the real wedding.

How much are they spending on their weddings?

The average wedding budget in Australia starts at $22,055. However, this eventually blows out to $32,333 per couple. This $10,000 difference is where you can sell the value of your services.

As we mentioned before, the majority of couples are planning their weddings for the first time. They may not know exactly what comes in a venue package, what a celebrant will do for them on the day, or how detailed their florist is going to be when it comes to their flowers. All of these areas are where you can sell your value, expertise and experience.

The fact that the average budget changes so dramatically from what it starts at means that couples are willing to spend more on their suppliers, as long as they can see that value. So work to show exactly what your value is and why you’re priced at your level.

We are seeing a bit of movement when it comes to the luxury wedding as well. 9% of couples are nearly doubling the average amount on their wedding, spending more than $60,000.

With couples being more established when they’re getting married, we’re seeing a lot of them funding the wedding on their own. While 59% of couples will still receive some financial assistance from their parents, a whopping 39% of couples are funding their wedding on their own.

2019 wedding couple

Image by Nifty Studio. See the real wedding.

When are they getting married?

The average couple will be engaged for 22 months before they finally get married, which remains the same as in 2018. Not surprisingly, Saturday’s are still the most popular days for a wedding, with 63% of couples getting married on a Saturday.

However, we are seeing a drift when it comes to more couples getting married on a Friday and a Sunday. While overseas Sundays are the big day for weddings, we’re seeing this come in with Fridays in Australia. 14% of couples will get married on a Friday, compared with 10% on a Sunday.

2019 wedding couple

Image by Sophie Sullivan Photography. See the real wedding.

Interestingly, Autumn has actually overtaken Spring as the most popular wedding season around the country. This can be contributed to the predictability of weather, or even couples trying to avoid the ‘busy’ season and moving their dates around!

37% of couples will get married in Autumn, compared to just 28% in Spring, 22% in Summer and 13% in Winter.

March, April and February are the most popular months for weddings, in that order, with 19% of couples getting married in March, 12% in April and 11% in February.  These are followed by October at 10%, November at 9%, and May and September at 8%.

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