The 2018 Spring Wedding Outlook

Spring is peak wedding season for most of Australia and it’s important to know what areas you can optimise on as a wedding supplier.

Following the great feedback we had from our winter report we’ve surveyed couples who are getting married in Spring to put together Australia’s first Spring Wedding Outlook, for the 2018 season.

2018 spring wedding outlook

Image by Bonnie Jenkins Photography. See the real wedding.

About the report

The 2018 Spring Wedding Outlook is our second seasonal report of the year, following the 2018 Winter Wedding Outlook. For this report, we surveyed more than 400 couples who are getting married in September, October and November this year to find out what is driving couples getting married in the 2018 spring season.

This data combined with the data from our annual survey gives us the most comprehensive look at spring weddings in Australia so far, giving you a more in-depth look on how you can optimise trends, dates and events to maximise your business opportunities.

2018 spring wedding outlook

Image by Christopher Morrison. See the real wedding.

Spring dates you should optimise on

As always, Saturdays are the most popular date in Spring, making up 64% of all Spring weddings. But what we also learnt from this survey is that the Sundays during Spring are the most popular Sundays throughout the year.

We already know that 14% of couples are getting married on a Friday compared with 10% of weddings on a Sunday through the entire year. But in Spring this gap closes, with 15.5% of weddings on a Friday almost on par to the 15% of weddings on a Sunday.

This makes Sundays in Spring just as desirable as Fridays, giving you more dates to optimise on throughout the season. By comparison, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are much less popular during Spring than they are at other times of the year.

2018 spring wedding outlook

The most popular wedding dates for Spring 2018

The impact of public holidays and sporting events

While public holidays such as the Victorian Grand Final Parade Friday holiday and Melbourne Cup don’t have an impact on what days couples are choosing to get married, the weekends of the Grand FInals certainly do.

Saturday, September 29th, the day of the AFL Grand Final, is the least popular Saturday of all of Spring. It’s interesting to note, however, that Sunday, September 30th, the day of the NRL Grand Final, is actually the most popular Sunday throughout Spring. This could be down to the popularity of AFL vs NRL, the popularity of Sundays during Spring. Or, dare we suggest, that perhaps AFL supporters care more about their sport?

When it comes to Halloween celebrations, these also have little impact on what date couples are planning their wedding.

2018 spring wedding outlook

Image by Impressions Photography Studio and AM Photoshoot. See the real wedding.

The most popular themes and colours


It’s no surprise to us that rustic weddings are the most popular wedding in Spring, as they are also the most popular wedding theme throughout the course of the year. We’re seeing so many couples take on the rustic wedding theme and add different variations to it so that we’re now seeing the classic rustic wedding theme competing with rustic-luxe, rustic-boho and rustic-vintage weddings which are coming into play.

Garden and outdoor weddings are also more popular during Spring, naturally, while bohemian themes continue to rise in popularity.

2018 spring wedding outlook

The 10 most popular wedding themes for Spring 2018


We’re seeing more light and airy colours during Spring compared with the rich colours of winter. Blue still takes the cake for the most popular colour overall, and while we’re still seeing a bit of burgundy floating around from the 2018 winter season, red colours have gone right back down to the bottom of the top 5.

Light pink tones such as blush or dusty pink are definitely the pick for spring 2018. We’re also seeing a lot more gold and metallics this year, with blush, gold and white being a very popular scheme throughout.

2018 spring wedding outlook

Image by Maria Shiriaeva Photography and WedBali. See the real wedding.

The most popular flowers for Spring weddings

Roses are the flower of love and it’s no surprise to us they’re the most popular bloom for Spring weddings in Australia. They’re in season all year round, come in a range of colours, and are a gorgeous addition to both bouquets and decor for a wedding day.

But what we do find interesting is that peonies are the second most popular flower. We’ve seen them rise in popularity across the year, but only have a short seasonal window that comes in closer to the Christmas season it’s interesting that they’re still the second most popular bloom despite the seasonal shift. While some couples might be importing these from overseas, having artificial peonies actually explains why synthetic flowers round out the top 10 most popular flowers for Spring.

We’re also seeing a lot more natives such as Proteas, which are again an easy Spring flower because they’re in season for most of the year, as well as native greenery, such as eucalyptus foilage including traditional gum leaves as well as spinning gum.

2018 spring wedding outlook

Image by Pepper Image. See the real wedding.

2018 Spring wedding trends

Greenery is still the most popular trend throughout, however, it’s nearly been dethroned by personalised signs. Personalised signs are popular with more than half of all Spring couples, giving them something to personalise their day with more as well as a special touch to their decor. This is definitely an area we’re expecting to remain popular for a while.

Brides doing speeches are also increasing with more than 41% of Spring brides doing their own speech compared with 37% of winter brides.

Hoops and circular designs and clear decor are becoming more popular, as are mixed bridal parties. However, we’re seeing that macrame is going out of fashion with boho weddings and black or moody cakes are also on their way out.

2018 spring wedding outlook

Image by Blossom Daisy Creative. See the real wedding.

Trends to keep an on

Flying veils are still a trend with a small percentage of brides in Spring, with 5% of brides having a flying veil in their wedding compared to 4% of brides during Winter. However, when it comes to out-there trends we’re expecting to see an impact from the Crazy Rich Asians wedding, which features a bodysuit wedding gown as well as a scene where the bride walks down a water aisle! This may be something to keep an eye on over the next few months.

Animals are weddings are also still popular, but while bringing your pet to your wedding and wedding alpacas have been popular, we’re also seeing more couples choosing wedding cows as their animal of choice. This is particularly beneficial for venues and locations that have access to cows for wedding day and photo opportunities.

Also keep an eye out on Princess Eugenie’s wedding this October which is sure to set some more wedding trends, including sparking a focus on being more environmentally friendly. We’re already seeing zero waste weddings rise in popularity but with Eugenie hosting a plastic-free wedding this is something that we might see pop up even more across the tail end of Spring as well as Summer weddings.

Easy Weddings 2018 Spring Wedding Outlook report.