Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about packages


What is an Easy Weddings wedding package?

Easy Weddings Packages take the stress out of planning your wedding and keep costs down while maintaining a quality experience for you and your guests.

Through our network of 5-star rated wedding professionals, we organise the six most time-consuming and more expensive components of a wedding: the venue, photographer, videographer, celebrant, cars and music.

You then get to focus on the more personalised, fun details of your big day! All with the peace-of-mind that your wedding is in the most experienced hands in the industry.

In what states are the packages currently available?

Whilst we currently only offer packages in Victoria, other states will be available in the near future.

What is included in your wedding packages?

Our packages include a wedding venue, photographer, videographer, celebrant, music (DJ/band) and wedding car. Click here for further details on all the inclusions.

How are the packages different from other wedding packages?

We are the first Australian company to offer wedding packages such as this and pride ourselves on our 20-year industry knowledge. This ensures we only work with top-performing suppliers, eleviating stress for couples while maintaining quality.

How is this different from hiring a wedding planner?

That's the best part of our packages. We've brought the wedding planners to you to organise and coordinate the six key elements of your wedding day to give you more time for the fun stuff! If you are looking for a wedding planner to organise all the elements of your wedding, we have a range of wonderful wedding planners on our online directory that can assist with this.

Why should I trust Easy Weddings and their packages?

Easy Weddings has been a part of the wedding industry for the last 20 years and is the number one online wedding website and app in Australia. We live and breath weddings and are the most experienced wedding company in the market. All suppliers included in our wedding packages meet the following strict criteria. We put our reputation and our brand on the line and we do it without reservation because we know our industry like no other.

Why should I buy a wedding package?

When life gets in the way, place those key responsibilities in the hands of those who do what they do best. It may not seem like it now, but you have a great deal of detailed decisions ahead of you and everyone is going to demand your time.

Our Wedding Planners understand the importance of utilising highly skilled suppliers to ensure that you enjoy your wedding day without feeling overwhelmed. Simply, let your allocated wedding planner create your “dream team”.

With the six key suppliers locked in with the package, you will save approximately 200 hours of planning involving lots of phone calls and emails. We want you to have more time to plan the more detailed components of your day or simply get back to the things and activities you love.

Our packages are brought to you at a discounted price without compromising on quality. We understand that weddings can be expensive and unexpected costs pop up (couples usually spend 30% more than their original budget). By going with a package, you are provided with the cost of the six most expensive and time consuming elements of your wedding upfront. With Easy Weddings packages, there are no hidden costs, they are all inclusive and our planners have already negotiated the best rates usually saving couples more than $4,000.

What's in it for Easy Weddings?

Our mission at Easy Weddings is twofold. For our couples its "Your perfect day made easy" and for our suppliers it's "We help wedding businesses grow." Offering packages helps us to succeed in both our missions. Our first goal is fulfilled by specifically curating suppliers and saving time and money for our couples. And by partnering with Easy Weddings' top suppliers in the packages, we help those businesses grow.

What kind of budget do I need for a wedding package?

Our packages range between $18,580 and $28,000 with the venue component making up around 60% of that.

What type of couples are purchasing your wedding packages?

  • Couples who appreciate the advantages of outsourcing the difficult stuff
  • Highly organised couples who understand the importance of having their wedding managed by industry experts
  • Couples who want to enjoy the process and the lead up to their big day
  • Self employed, time poor business owners
  • Couples who have also taken on the extra challenge of building their own home

What if I find another wedding package that's cheaper?

We are currently the only company in Australia that offers packages like this.

Package Suppliers

Why should I trust the Easy Weddings suppliers?

We only work with highly reputable, high quality suppliers that we trust enough to associate with our award-winning brand. Our suppliers have helped thousands of couples make their dream wedding a reality.

How does Easy Wedding know my style and priorities?

With a great deal of input from our Wedding Planners we have designed a very detailed profiling system. After our initial conversation you will be asked to provide this information to help us gain an insight to you, your style, your tastes and your planning priorities.. We don't expect you to have all the answers to what you want for your wedding so we learn about your real life situation and make recommendations from there.

How are the suppliers within the wedding package selected?

The specific vendors with whom we match you are based on your style, budget and priorities. Using your profile and the details that you have provided us with, we will learn about the details that are most important to you and match you with your dream team accordingly.

What if we don't like the suppliers you choose for us?

We have a long history of matching the perfect suppliers to our couples, however if on the odd occasion we miss the mark we are more than happy to find an alternative supplier for you free of charge.

Can we add extras to the package i.e venue upgrades, longer car service, bigger photography package etc?

Absolutely! You may work with the suppliers within the package to add on any extra services , however, we do recommend chatting to your wedding planner first to assist you with your ideas and ensure that you are not splurging on extra services that may not be required.

What if the supplier isn't good on the day?

We use strict criteria when selecting suppliers for your wedding day. Apart of that strict criteria is having a 4.5 or higher star review with us. We hear couples experiences with the supplier first hand. In the instance that you were no delighted with a supplier, we'll work together to find a suitable way to compensate you, as well as manage the issue with the supplier.

What if the supplier cancels on us before the wedding?

We do not expect this to happen but if one of our suppliers do have issues on the day it will be for an (unforeseen) reason. We will find a replacement supplier for you free of charge.

What if I already know my wedding suppliers?

If you already know who you would like to work with on your day, please let our Easy Weddings planner know in your initial contact. If we are able to include them in the packages, this will be a great option for you. Alternatively, the packages might not be best suited towards you.

Planning Support

How much support will we have while we plan our wedding?

Our wedding consultant will support you through all of the supplier elements within the wedding package, making sure you feel confident and comfortable with each decision and step you make. Your allcoated wedding planner, along with the resources Easy Weddings offer, will provide you with ample of support.

What if we have questions or concerns along the way?

We are here to ensure that you have a smooth planning process. If any questions or concerns do arise, your allocated wedding planner is here to help during business hours via email or phone.

Do you provide us with any tools to help plan our wedding?

Yes, absolutely! As well as delivering the best experience and suppliers within your chosen package, we also have easy-to-use planning tools via our website and app to help you plan all of the other elements of your wedding. This includes things like a to-do list, budget calculator, seating planner and guest list tool as well advice, inspiration and Australia's number one wedding directory with numerous wedding professionals for you to browse, read reviews and enquire with. If you do require any additional tools, please chat to your Easy Weddings Planner.

Will there be anyone from Easy Weddings to help me on my actual wedding day?

Your Easy Weddings planner will assist with the six largests and most time consuming elements of your day. Your planner will not be there on the day, however, we've put you in the hands of suppliers and venue coordinators that we trust to bring the planning to life. If you would like more information on a Coordinator for the day, please don't hesitate to ask your planner.

Can we call our Easy Weddings consultant if there's an emergency on the wedding day?

We will provide you with the necessary contact details to get in touch with an Easy Weddings representative in the instance of an emergency. If the emergency occurs during the wedding, the best onsite person to contact is your Venue Coordinator. The venue coordinator will then assess if the Easy Weddings representative needs to be contacted.

Account, Payment & Cancellations

Do you have payment plans available?

There are four payment stages with the package. If you are unable to meet these stage, we have financial loan companies that we can recommend.

When do I need to pay for my package?

Once you have confirmed you would like to proceed with the package, a non-refundable $500 booking fee is due. You will then be issued with an invoice for 20% deposit with payment due within 21 days. A second instalment of 40% is due 7 months from the wedding date with final payment due 60 days prior to the wedding date. Payment dates will be adjusted for weddings held within 7 months of the booking being made. Please refer to full Terms and Conditions for further information.

Are there any other fees?

There are no other fees from Easy Weddings on top of the package price. If you do require additions on top of your package, this is organised directly with your suitable supplier.

What types of payment does Easy Weddings accept?

We accept all major credit cards and direct debit.

How do I know my personal information is safe?

We take our clients' privacy very seriously and do everything possible to ensure your personal details and payment information is kept secure. For further information, please visit our Privacy Policy.

What if i change my mind or want to cancel the package? Do I get my money back?

There is a 3 day cooling off period from when you pay your $500 holding deposit in case you change your mind.

What if I forget to make one of the payments?

As we get closer to due dates, to help keep you on track and organised, we will send through payment reminders. If for any reason you are unable to make a payment or wish to cancel, it is your responsibility to contact your wedding planner to confirm this.

What if I want to change the wedding date?

When you pay the $500 Booking Fee you are securing the venue and the date. If you do need to change this, please talk this through with your allocated planner.

Can I remove some things from the package to lower the total price?

Although we have packaged together the six most required elements for a wedding, we understand that some of these might not apply or be required for your wedding. As per our Terms and Conditions, couples can remove up to two services. These deductions will be from the total package price. To confirm the reduced package price, please contact your wedding planner who will send through a formal amended quote via email.

What if I find a better venue after booking a package?

As the venue is one of the major components of our packages, we recommend ensuring that you love the venue before asking your wedding planner to secure it.


Can we use/organise our own wedding cars?

We have a range of transport companies that we will match you with based on your requirements and styles. If you have a specific type of vehicle in mind, please let your wedding planner know.

What if I change the location of my photoshoot on the day?

Our transport suppliers are always willingly to go with the flow on the day to ensure you have the best day possible, They are happy to change photoshoot locations providing this falls within the package hours booked and is in reasonable distance.

Will our wedding cars come with refreshments like champagne and water?

Yes they do! Our transport suppliers like to ensure everyone is well hydrrated (with water or some bubbles) on the day. Please refer to the packages for specific inclusions and chat to your wedding planner about which option you would prefer.


What if I don't like how the venue is set up on the day?

Before your wedding date, we recommend doing a walk through with your venue coordinator to confirm these finer details. Alternatively, venues are able to provide you with a floorplan to draw on and distribute to the required suppliers. It is important to read through your supplier bookings to confirm they are on the same page as you in regards to these details.

Is there a place to do the ceremony at the venue?

Most venues will have a dedicated area for ceremonies. If your desired venue does not have a ceremony area on-site, our wedding planner or the venue coordinator will be able to recommend locations near by. Your consultant can confirm once you enquire about a specific package.

Does the venue include ceremony furniture?

This is venue specific, however, most of our venues with ceremony locations onsite include basic ceremony furniture. Please chat to your wedding planner or read through the venue inclusions for further information.

Do they have a suite for my wedding party to use?

Each venue have an allocated bridal suite for the couple to relax in.

Can we have pets attend the wedding?

We're all for it! But please confirm with your Easy Wedding planner if your preferred venue is pet friendly.

Does the venue have appropriate audio visual on site? Does that cost extra?

Standard AV equipment such as microphone & speakers are standard inclusions with all our venue partners, however your DJ or Band included in your package will supply the necessary sound equipment for speeches and entertainment. If you require additional AV please chat to your venue directly.

Is smoking permitted at the venue?

Generally the venue will have a designated smoking area outdoors.


When should we expect to recieve our wedding photos?

We have worked with photographers to ensure that you will recieve 5 highlight photos within 2 business days of your wedding. Depending on the selected photographer, your digital fully edited high resolution images will be delivered within 4 - 8 weeks of your wedding date.

Can I buy additional photos?

Of course you can! We recommend liaising with your photographer directly to discuss additions.

Can I take things out of the photography package? Can I swap items in?

Based on our experience and numerous discussions with photographers, we have included items in the packages based on the minimum requirements couples ask for and want in a photography package. Of course, if there is something that does not appeal to you, please chat to your wedding planner.

What if my photographer is running late on the day?

As we work with highly reputable suppliers who run to your wedding day timeline, we do not anticipate this occuring, however, for any unforeseen reason they are running late, you will have the photographer's direct contact number and best to have a bridal party member give them a call.


How long will it take to receive our wedding video?

The videographer will deliver a 30-second sneak peek within 14 business days; a 5-minute highlight reel within 1 month; and, dependent on your music selection, the entire edited video within 6 - 8 weeks.

Can I buy additional videos or lengthen the videos I buy?

Of course you can! We recommend liaising with your videographer directly to discuss additions.

Can I take things out of the video package? Can I swap items in?

Based on our experience and numerous discussions with videographer, we have included items in the packages based on the minimum requirements couples ask for and want in a videography package. Of course, if there is something that does not appeal to you, please chat to your wedding planner.

What if my videographer is running late on the day?

As we work with highly reputable suppliers who run to your wedding day timeline, we do not anticipate this occuring, however, for any unforeseen reason they are running late, you will have the videographer's direct contact number and best to have a bridal party member give them a call.


What if we want a specific celebrant?

If there is a specific celebrant you LOVE, please let your wedding planner know in your questionnaire and we will try our best to work this within the package. If we are unable to include them in the package, we can remove the celebrant element from the package (with a reduction in total package price).

What if we don't like the celebrant you select for us?

We understand that not everybody clicks which is why we highly suggest taking your wedding planner up on the offer to organise a consult with your matched celebrant to ensure that you are happy with them. If you don't click, we will provide you with up to two additional celebrants to choose from.

Music (Band/DJ)

What if we already have a band/DJ in mind?

You may choose to remove our band/DJ option from the package and hire your own. The package price will be reduced.

Can we select our own playlist?

Yes, absolutely! Please liase with the band/DJ to discuss specific songs you would like and don't want played. It's your day!

Can our family member sing a few songs as well?

We can't see why not! Please discuss this directly with the band/DJ for confirmation.

Is an MC included?

As an additional extra for our package couples, we have included an MC service for you! Alternatively, we do recommend asking a family member or friends to MC the day for a personal touch!

Can we request songs throughout the night?

Of course! The more notice you give your band/DJ of the songs you want played at the wedding, the more time they will have to learn or aquire the song. Oh, and don't forget to mention songs you DON'T want played!

What if we want them to play for longer than what's included in the package?

If the supplier is willing to stay on longer than the time agreed in the package (5 hours), the price and duration may be negotiated between yourselves on the night. Please be sure to read through your package inclusions.