Located off the coast of Africa, Mauritius is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples wanting an indulgent experience. Whether you’re going to one of the luxurious seaside resorts with five-star amenities or heading to a rustic bungalow on the beach, this island offers honeymooners a variety of options.

Home to beautiful rainforests, spectacular waterfalls and an eyeful of coral reefs, Mauritius is an eyeful both on land and underwater. Bring along your hiking shoes, swimwear and snorkel gear to truly experience all the beauty of this tropical island. Or if you prefer, just lap up the sunshine from a lounger on the beach.

For an incredible island style honeymoon with an African flair, head to Mauritius.


With the weather being influenced by the trade winds of the Indian Ocean, the climate is, the weather in Mauritius is lovely all year round.

From May to November, the island experiences a warm and dry Winter. Perfect for a honeymoon, the humidity is low and there’s very little rainfall. During the Summer months of December to May, the weather is just as beautiful with longer, warmer day, and even though the humidity is higher, you can cool down by taking a dip in the ocean.


With the natural beauty, amazing seascapes and blissful beaches, Mauritius has so much to see and do.

If you’re looking to see some of the most magnificent waterfalls on the island and learn about the history of it, head to Eureka Creole House. This colonial house is located close to Moka River and Moka Range and is surrounded by stunning gardens which is ideal for romantic walks.

One of the most breathtaking spots in Mauritius is Seven Colored Earths in Chamarel Park. With multicoloured dunes and hills made from seven colours of clay including violet, blue, yellow, purple, red, brown, and green, this park offers its visitors an eyeful.

If you truly want to experience the essence of Mauritius’s beauty, head out to sea on a boat cruise and if you’re lucky you’ll see some dolphins. Explore some of the world’s most beautiful seascape by going snorkelling or scuba diving.

Food & Wine

With a strong Indian influence in Mauritian cuisine, visitors to the island can expect fragrant  spices and spicy chillis. The island is also known for its delicious vanilla black tea that is grown at the island’s Bois Cheri Tea Estate and mixed with Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka and vanilla flavouring from South Africa.

For a true taste of Mauritius, try some of the island’s street foods. From gajak – a dry sweet made of sesame seeds – or mine frites – fried noodles, Mauritian cuisine is simple, yet dishes. Restaurants offer their guests a variety of Indian curries and freshly caught seafood.


Because Mauritius is an island, it is fairly easy to get around, and offers travellers various modes of transport.

The island has The Express Bus travels to most of the island, stopping at various beaches along the way. Be sure to have some Mauritian Rupee on hand to pay for your bus fare, as drivers don’t take foreign currency.

Taxis are also readily available and can be caught at the allocated TAXI stop.

If you want more independence, you’ll have an option of renting a car, scooter or bicycle from various rental companies located at the airport. Rentals are often reasonably priced. Please be advised that in Mauritius you’ll have to drive on the left side of the road.

The island also offers helicopter rides for scenic tours and getting from the resorts to the airport.


With Mauritian sales tax not applicable to many items, shopping on the island is extremely affordable especially for luxury items, jewelry, perfume, designer clothes and electronics.

There are various shopping centres on the island, there is plenty to choose from. For a large selection specialty shops, head to Bagatelle Mall of Mauritius which has more than 130 stores. You can also head to Caudan Waterfront in Port Louis and Grand Baie Resort Town where you’ll find amazing bargains at the textile markets and clothing factory outlets.


Whether you’re visiting Mauritius on your honeymoon – or just enjoying a holiday – you want it to be as hassle-free as possible, so be sure to purchase travel insurance before leaving home. It will make your special time away even more enjoyable as you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you and your belongings are covered (within your policy’s limits, of course) should anything go wrong.

As they say in the travel industry, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!

Purchase your travel insurance when you book your trip and, depending on the policy you choose, you should be covered for theft, injury or illness. Some travel insurance policies do not cover certain activities such as diving, hiking, parasailing, or renting a motorcycle, so ensure you read it before signing up so that you’re aware of what it does and doesn’t cover. Take a copy of your travel insurance documents with you when travelling.


The Mauritian Rupee is the currency in Mauritius.

If you need to exchange money, head to a local bank or to a ‘moneychangers’ for a better exchange rate. ‘Moneychangers’ also have longer open hours making them more convenient than banks. Banks are available throughout the island and often have ATMs for cash withdrawal. You can also find ATMs in many of the towns around the island and shopping centres.

Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are accepted in most hotels, tourist shops, tour companies, car rental agencies and banks.


Because Mauritius has a warm and humid climate, it is essential to pack lightweight summer clothing such as shorts, skirts, T-shirts, blouses and dresses. If you’d like to go out dining or partying at a nightclub, you’ll need to pack more formal clothing such as a collared shirt and smart dress. Be sure to not forget your beachwear behind which should include flip flops and swimwears. A comfortable pair of walking shoes and a light waterproof jacket will also come in handy.

A few must-have items that you should not forget at home or buy on the island are sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, mosquito repellant, hand wipes, after sun lotion, headache tablets and toiletries.


Even though tipping is common in Mauritius, it is not required. Tipping is done in the local currency of Rupees.

Waiters and spa workers are tipped between 10-15% of your bill, but it depends if you’ve had a good service. Tour guides receive at least a tip of 10% on the total cost of the tour.

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