Located at the very heart of the South Pacific, Fiji, which is comprised of 333 islands, is a blissful and tranquil paradise, the perfect place to kick off your married life.

You’ll be welcomed with music and orchid leis – and the locals’ friendly demeanor doesn’t end there. Whether it’s white-water rafting or a village tour, you’ll be greeted warmly – and genuinely – wherever you go.

For adrenaline-junkies, you can zip-line above rainforest treetops to partake in a high-octane jungle skirmish, while couples just wanting to enjoy a little low-key ‘us’ time, can enjoy one of Fiji’s many private nooks and beaches.


The year-round average temperature in Fiji is about 28 degrees Celsius (82 degrees Fahrenheit), so this is one place you can honeymoon in no matter what the time of year.

However, April through to early December is usually considered the drier season and is,  therefore, considered the peak time to visit.

Most of the year there’s a refreshing breeze blowing from the East, South-East but it drops a little in the early evening and, by mid-morning, will lift up again.

Around the fist of December to about the end of March is considered the wet season. There will be substantial short-lived rain showers that will keep temperatures low – meaning the weather may drop to about 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit)!

Humidity is at its heaviest during these months.


Fiji is a place that is, largely, untouched. It remains naturally beautiful, especially if you’re staying at on of the many resorts that pepper these islands –  and, surprisingly often, you’ll feel like it’s just the two of you together on a deserted island.

Essentials such as food and drink are included, the sand is pristine, and the lagoon is truly unspoiled.

Be sure to visit:

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant: See the gorgeous orchid gardens and take a walk through the jungle to the huge lily pond.

The Church of Saint Francis Xavier: It looks very European from the outside and the frescos on the inside. However, to give it Fijian flavour there are lovely mats on the floor instead of pews.

Here are 10 things you’ll love about Fiji.

Food & Wine

For a Honeymoon treat, you should try dining at The Waterfall Restaurant in Suva, which is surrounded by lush tropical plants and running brooks – and the atmosphere is supremely romantic.

Rice, sweet potatoes, coconut, fish, taro, and cassava are considered to be essential to Fijian cuisine.

Their two favoured methods of cooking are over an open fire or underground. They also have an Indian influence in their curries and spices.

Be sure to try:

Kokodo – raw fish with coconut flavoured sauce
Nama – sea grapes (seaweed) that pop in your mouth and are used for salads or garnish
Taro – boiled, mashed, added to curry or fried


Taking a bus is the best way to travel on the big islands. You can also purchase a “Hop-On Hop-Off bus pass and see Fiji at your speed. Check to see if any tours/activities are included in your ticket.

Most taxis have meters but for those that don’t, agree to the cost with your driver before you get in.

Minivans are also available and are quicker than a bus.

There are two domestic airlines in Fiji making island hopping a reality. Boats will usually be available from your resort, so you can cruise to other islands at your pace.

You can use the Ferry service to different parts of Fiji.


As a final act of your Honeymoon in Fiji, you may want to take home a piece of jewellery made with Fiji’s famous black pearls.

The price will be anywhere $400 and $4000 but if you’re a fan of such things, it’s well worth the cost.

There is a variety of local handmade items to purchase as souvenirs/gifts. Some of these are woven goods, carvings, pottery, and tapa cloth that are found in local villages. You’ll find purses, baskets, mats, and fans woven from a reed grown locally.

Whenever we’re in town, we can’t help but stock up on the locally made, internationally famous range of Pure Fiji oils, creams, soaps and body scrubs.

You can purchase popular clothing such as native sportswear, swimwear, and bula shirts or have them made by a local tailor.


Whether you’re visiting Fiji on your your honeymoon – or just enjoying a holiday – you want it to be as hassle-free as possible, so be sure to purchase travel insurance. It will make your special time away even more enjoyable because you know you’ll be covered should anything (within your policy’s limits, of course) go wrong.

As they say in the travel industry, if you can’t afford travel insurance, you can’t afford to travel!

Purchase your travel insurance when you book your trip and, depending on the policy you choose, you should be covered for theft, injury or illness.
Some travel insurance policies do not cover certain activities such as diving, hiking, parasailing, or renting a motorcycle, so be sure to take a copy of your policy with you, but also ensure you read it before signing up so that you’re aware of what it does and doesn’t cover.


Fiji’s currency is the Fijian Dollar (FJD).You should always carry some smaller bills with you whether it’s USD or FJD. Remember taxis don’t always have change for your fare, so assume you will have to pay the difference!

You can cash Traveler’s cheques at hotels and banks. As opposed to taking a lot of cash with you, you always get your money refunded if they are lost or stolen. Most hotels, shops, and restaurants will accept the use of major credit cards. They are perfect when shopping for more expensive items.

Fiji also charges an $85 USD departure tax


You’ll want to take lightweight, loose fitting, and light colored shorts, T-shirts, shirts, and shorts. Also needed are sunglasses, hats, sandals and plenty of sunscreens. You might want to pack something fashionable for a night out.

Make sure you pack extra batteries and memory cards for your camera, charger for the phone, toiletries, and medications for the entire trip. Also, another pair of glasses will come in handy if yours are lost or broken, hand wipes, small Ziploc bags, and a small first aid kit.

Do pack copies of your travel documents and travel insurance policy. Save room for souvenirs!


Tips in Fiji are never expected, and there is never a service charge to anything. However, tips are greatly appreciated for service well done.

Many hotels and resorts have a “Christmas” box in the lobby where tourists can leave their tips. If you leave a tip for a maid in your room, she’ll probably just leave it there. Of course, you can tip a person if you wish to.

In restaurants, again there’s no service charge and tipping is not customary. If you want to tip someone, give it directly to that person. The same applies for spas.

Yatule Resort & Spa

Yatule Resort & Spa

$799 / person

7 nights

Plantation Island Resort

Plantation Island Resort

$1099 / person

7 nights

Tokoriki Island Resort

Tokoriki Island Resort

$2699 / person

5 nights

Vomo Island Resort

Vomo Island Resort

$4399 / person

7 nights

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort

$1199 / person

6 nights

Castaway Island Fiji

Castaway Island Fiji

$2699 / person

6 nights

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