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Postby mrs k » Tue Dec 09, 2008 3:11 pm

Well I was looking over the brisbane topic and thought what a great idea so we should have one for us melbournites... so here goes nothing :D :D

Ceremony: Potters Receptions Chapel.
Celebrant: Janet Hussey
Reception: Potters Receptions, Warrandyte
DJ/Band: Mischief Duo.
Flowers: Debbie O'Neill
Hair: Salon 727 (my normal hairdresser).
Makeup: Nat (friend of a friend who works for MAC at David Jones) just gotta confirm with her.
Cake: Special Treats by Caroline, Knoxfield
Shoes: looking I need Ivory. but I did buy a purple pair from spendless shoes will c if they suit
Dress: Essense - Brides of Melbourne saw Liza she was very nice and helpful even when I did go 40min over time :D
Invite/OOS supplies: DIY. brought my stuff from lincraft and spotlight
Photographer: Kate Ramsey.
Dancing Lessons: My Aunty possibly except FH wants to do one of those funny dances
Suits: FH family friend.
BMs Dresses: Pretty Woman Bridal in Croydon, they are D'Zage gowns

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Postby MrsOleary » Tue Dec 09, 2008 9:37 pm

Reception: The Bridge Hotel Mordialloc
DJ: Dance Zone
Flowers: Tyabb Wholesale Roses
Hair: Dyed Pretty, Chelsea
Makeup: Dyed Pretty, Chelsea
Cake: Peninsula Cake Art
Dress: Ebay
Photographer: Greg Bachurski
Dancing Lessons:
Suits: Carousel Brides Dandenong
BMs Dresses: Carousel Brides Dandenong
Postby Ames » Wed Dec 10, 2008 8:06 am

Ceremony & Reception - Tatra Receptions, Mt Dandenong
Celebrant - Leonie Williams
Reception Music - A part of the package with reception
Flowers - Debbie O'Neill Designs North Croydon
Hair and Makeup - Kendal Deckart
Cake - Not yet organised
Shoes - Myer (on sale)
Dress - Geelong Bridal House
Invite - DIY I think (not yet organised)
Photographer - Robyn Slavin (Glen Waverly)
Videographer - Trident Media (great work and very well priced!!)
Dancing lessons - not sure if we are going to get them
Suits - not yet organised
BMs Dresses - Myer (on sale)
Postby ziella » Wed Dec 10, 2008 10:35 am

Ceremony - St Marys Anglican Church, Sunbury
Celebrant - Reverende Ernest Horth (he came with the church)
Reception - Goona Warra Vineyard
DJ - DJ Nader from Midnight DJ's
Flowers - Pam Slade Wedding Flowers
Hair - Vaibe from Princess Brides
Makeup - Prue from Chanel Make Up
Cake - Carolyn from Special Treats by Carolyn
Shoes - Novat in Preston
Dress - Valerie Canfield Couture (sorry, they are Syd based)
Invite - DIY, purchased all materials from Amazing Paper
Photographer - Shireen from Field of Vision
Videographer - Villiam from Field of Vision
Dancing lessons - we arent getting these.
Suits - Myer- Lords formalwear
BMs Dresses - we are getting them made by Adam Tsen
Flowergirls Dresses: ebay
Rose Petals:
Garter: Etsy seller Peterene Designs
Hair Flower: Etsy seller ButterflyEnchantress
Transport: John from Classic and Prestige Car Hire (2 x Rolls Royce) - John is fantastic.
And a stretch hummer from Krystal Limonusines
Guest Transport: A bus from Sunbury Bus Service

Editted to Add our new cake makers details.

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Postby Tash73 » Wed Dec 10, 2008 1:31 pm

Ceremony & Reception - Fenix
Celebrant - Jill Hosken
Ceremony & Reception music: Jaine Austen
Flowers -
Hair - Sochi, Malvern
Makeup - TBA
Cake - Mum
Shoes - Novat in Preston
Dress - Margaret Hinton
Invite - DIY, purchased materials from papercache & papermarc & classy papier
Photographer - Brendan O'Shea
Dancing lessons - Melbourne Dance Rhythm,
Suits - TBA
MOH Dress - Carla Zampatti (David Jones)
Flowergirl Dress: Mum
Rose Petals:
Reception decor: TBA
Garter: Mum, also have one from Fenix
Veil: DIY
Transport: TBA
Gift Registry:

Got married: 24 April 2009
Postby EmmaMc » Tue Dec 16, 2008 1:45 pm

Ceremony: Werribee Mansion
Celebrant: Anna Schembri - Petals of Love
Reception: Werribee Open Range Zoo
DJ/Band: The Frantics -
Flowers: Hillside Florist
Hair: Family Friend
Makeup: Not sure yet
Cake: Montease Cakes
Shoes: Williams Shoes - got for 1/2 price :)
Dress: House of Bridal Elegance
Invite/OOS supplies: Designs on Paper
Photographer: Kane Jarrod -
Dancing Lessons: Not Having
Suits: Still to be decided
BMs Dresses: House of Bridal Elegance

Getting married: 18 April 2009
Invited: 94. Accepted: 78, Declined: 16 - final numbers :)
Postby shellabella27 » Tue Dec 16, 2008 11:00 pm

Ceremony: Karrawingi park, Moorooduc
Celebrant: Karen Wilmot
Reception: Karrawingi park, Moorooduc
DJ/Band: ipod :D
Flowers: Roses for me, silk roses for bms...dont know where yet
Hair: not sure yet
Makeup: not sure.
Cake: Making it myself (Im a pastrycook)
Shoes: target
Dress: I had it made
Invite/OOS supplies: DIY.
Photographer: my dad
Dancing Lessons: FMIL (former dancesport champion)
Suits: Roger David.
BMs Dresses: target $18 after summer sale last year
Postby dinaj » Sun Dec 21, 2008 10:57 am

Ceremony: Immerse (in the yarra valley)
Celebrant: Rod Gauld
Reception: same as ceremony
DJ/Band: Craig Smith Quintet
Flowers: Shrinking Violet (Yarra Glen)
Hair/ Makeup: Fiona at Kochou
Cake: good friend is making it for us :D
Shoes: little shop in bentleigh, don't know what its called
Dress: melanies (east ringood) closed down though
Invite/OOS supplies: DIY.
Photographer: Kerry Kempster (
Dancing Lessons: Dancesport Kingdom
Suits: Roger David (groomsmen) Myer Doncaster (Groom)
BMs Dresses: Pretty Woman in Croydon!!!!!! these guys are awesome!!!
Postby raspberry » Sun Dec 21, 2008 11:08 am

I am only putting here the ones I highly recommend :flwr:

Ceremony - Portsea Hotel
Celebrant - Lynton Round
Reception - Portsea Hotel
Flowers - Jill Evans (Redhill) Mobile: 0439 890501 Home: 03 59890501
Shoes - Williams!
Dress - Susanne Kitson - Bridal Wear
Photographer - Karen Wilson Photography
Videographer - Motion Art
Dancing lessons - The Wedding Dance Company (Based in Chelsea)
BMs Dresses - Susanne Kitson - Bridal Wear
Transport - Mancini's Vintage Car Hire
Jewellery - Bliss Design
Cake and Bonbonnierre - (This is a school, she does not actually sell cakes and chocolates from here)Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School

Our real wedding:

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Postby Troys_girl » Sun Dec 28, 2008 10:06 pm

Ceremony: Lyrebird Falls
Celebrant: Minister from local Uniting Church
Reception: Lyrebird Falls
DJ/Band: supplied by venue
Flowers: Floral Event
Hair: Living Dolls (??)
Makeup: Living Dolls (??)
Cake: Special Treats by Carloyn
Shoes: Panache in Sydney (ordered over phone)
Dress: Mancini @ Brides of Melbourne
Invite/OOS supplies: ????
Photographer: Studio House
Dancing Lessons: ????
Suits: can't remember the name FH is organising these!!! :oops:
BMs Dresses: Daniela's St Albans
Favours: supplies from Ikea, the Nut Shack and Spotlight

Hope these help!
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