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Share how your day went

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Postby MeowMeow » Mon Jul 08, 2013 9:21 pm

Wednesday - The Rehearsal
Wednesday was my last day at work before the big day!! After attempting to finalise all I could at work, I headed off straight from work to our venue for the rehearsal. I arrived earlier than the others as I was meeting with out event organiser beforehand. After a quick look around the reception room (almost set up already for our wedding!!) our event organiser and myself finalised the last few details. Our celebrant then arrived and we moved into the ceremony room. After the boy, best man, bridesmaid and niece doing our reading arrived, we did a full walkthrough of the ceremony, but it still didn't seem real!!

I had a sleep in, then went to go get my nails done for the big day. I arrived at the shopping centre a little early so went for a look around and found some beautiful little silver and pearl hair pins which I bought to wear on the day. I then got my nails done (French acrylics). While having my nails done i remembered I still hadn't bought a gift for my bridesmaid!! After an epic sniffing spree around the perfume section of priceline, I found the most gorgeous Vera wang scent.

Friday morning I washed my hair, tanning moisturised for the last time and packed my bags to go to the hotel!! Packing for the wedding day and two days following took quite a while as I really didn't want to forget a thing!! (And I didn't, amazingly!!). I then drove to my bridesmaids house and picked her up and we went to visit my Nanna, in hospital, as she was not able to make it to the wedding :( Nanna was in great spirits in the hospital and was so happy for us to be getting married, I really wish she could have come!! After visiting Nanna, BM and I drove into the city and checked into our amazing hotel!! Our room was stunning!! I then remembered to text the makeup artist, photographer and parents our room details and email my vows to the celebrant. After a few champagnes and room service we decided to call it an early night and went to bed before 11.. pretty sure I lay awake watching Jaws 3 in bed, unable to sleep until after 1.30..

Saturday - Our Wedding Day!!!
I woke about 5am but refused to get out of bed!! I didn't want to be tired or look tired that day! At about 7am, my BM woke up and we both said 'its wedding day!!' And got out of bed. We then just sort of bummed around for an hour, took our showers, not really knowing what to do, before ordering a delicious fruit platter and juice through room service. After breakfast, watching some tv and catching up on Facebook, it hit 12.00and I immediately said to my BM 'she's late!' 'Who's late?' 'Makeup lady, was going to be here at 12.00 haha'.. Makeup lady arrived at about 12.30, due to travelling taking longer from her previous job than expected. She got straight to work on me, doing my foundation and setting my hair in hot rollers.

After doing most of my makeup, including false lashes, as she went to put mascara on me she saw on of my lashes on the opposite side had come unstuck so she re-stuck it, and while we waited to make sure the glue was dry, she put my BM's hair up in hot rollers.. I then started giggling.. 'You do realised someone has to go down to meet the photographer and my parents in the lobby any minute now, and we both have our hair in rollers..' BM took one for the team here and agreed to be the crazy roller hair lady in the lift/lobby.. After her crazy run down to bring up the photographer, she arrived back in the room to me laughing 'mum and dad are here now too!' And back down she went hehehe.. By the time the photographer was set up and BM was back with mum and dad, the rollers were being taken out of my hair and I was nearly ready to go!!

After greeting mum and dad and a few final touches i was done in the hair/makeup chair!! As I wanted extra time with photographer getting some pics outside (as our wedding was at nighttime and I wanted some daytime pics) I went straight into putting my jewellery on. My mum came in at this time and also helped me to get into my dress. Photographer came in as mum was lacing up the back to start snapping some shots, it was then my mum and I realised how terrible we were at following directions!! Hehehe!!

After a few dress snaps, some snaps of my jewellery, flowers, shoes and BM getting ready etc.. The photographer followed my parents and I downstairs out onto Southbank for some pics. Everyone we passed on the way was wishing me luck and I felt like a princess!! Parents with their children were saying 'look at the pretty lady in her pretty dress' awww!! My dad also got congratulated when I walked with him.. My mum came laughing after us stating they were congratulating him on his wedding (to me!) Hahahahaha so awkward but hilarious!!! After many, many snaps on Southbank with my parents, as BM's hair and makeup wasn't finished in time, photographer left and BM met us in the lobby and we went back up to the room to relax and have a champagne or two.. for half an hour or so.. My dad disappeared to the bar downstairs (he later told me how many beers he downed in that time, astonishing!! Haha poor dad he was so stressed!)

Just after 4pm my brother arrived, in his black statesman complete with ribbons and champagne to pick us up. My mum was going to catch a taxi, but once we got outside she got all flustered abut where to go to catch one and I ended up shouting at her to just 'get in the damn car with us!!' Haha.. All squished in off we went!! I was sooo uncomfortable the whole trip as this was the first time I'd actually 'sat' in my dress and the boning was stabbing me in the underarms..but I was too excited to really care!! Once we got to the street of the venue we let my mum out and decided to go round the block again before we arrived.. While turning the car around some of my besties were arriving and spotted me in the car and we waved to each other, that was so cool I got to see them beforehand. After the worlds longest trip round the block and a quick lippy fix, we arrived back at the venue and it all began..

And Now The Actual Wedding!!..
We arrived at the venue and the attendants ushered the car into the 'L' type driveway so I could head straight inside and go upstairs to relax for a minute. My BM and dad got straight out of the car, as did my bro who ran off to take pics of his car!! I was just sitting there like 'Hmm anyone going to help me?! (Hehe)' it was probably only a few second but felt like ages to me and our event coordinator came over and helped me out of the car and held my dress so I could rush upstairs without anyone seeing me.. It's funny now when we watched the video back, I even closed the car door myself!! We then rushed inside before anyone else arrived and saw us. Inside was stairs going up to the reception room. After a bit of a struggle in the long dress we made it up the stairs and were greeted with the most beautiful reception room and a glass of champagne. Our venue was amazing. Our DJ was there and already set up so I had a quick chat with him then as BM and I did our last minute fussing I heard dad having a chat with him too. At this point I was buzzing and asking every two seconds 'can I go get married yet?!'.. Then finally, it was time!! Dad, BM, event organiser and I made our way downstairs again to enter the ceremony room (with me making sure dad went first so he wouldn't trample my train on the stairs!!). As we arrived into the back, curtained off section of the ceremony room, we could hear voices die down and our celebrant welcoming everybody, I think this is when I first started to get a tiny bit nervous. All of a sudden, the aisle music started and BM and I wished each other luck and 'dont trips' then off she went down the aisle. What felt like only a moment later, it was my turn (eek!). The event organised pulled back the curtain and dad and I stepped out. It was here I first realised how many people were looking at me and I first saw my FH and I started to loose it! Luckily, I remembered to pause at the start of the aisle, then dad and I made our way down (apparently according to mum I rushed down, but to me it seemed to take forever!!) At the end of the aisle, dad handed me over to FH and shook his hand (forgot to kiss me) and handed me over to him. FH then helped me up onto the platform and the ceremony began.. No tears just yet! The ceremony was amazing, with many laughs, it was very personal. It bought tears to my eyes, which I was managing to blink back with the help of FH's sneaky funny faces and hand squeezes, but then my nose started running!! OMG How embarrassing!! BM couldn't see this as she was behind me, but luckily our celebrant came to the rescue and handed me a hanky, which I pretended to wipe my eyes with and then a sneaky nose wipe hehe. Our vows were just the absolute best! FH and I had kept them secret from eachother and he absolutely blew me away with how sweet and personal he was. Mine got a pretty big laugh when I mentioned cats!!.. Then finally, we were Mr and Mrs MeowMeow and I got to kiss my husband for the first time!! Yay!!!
The signing of the registry was a welcome break for me!! It gave me a second to sort of calm my nerves, (wipe my nose again! Hehe) and have a little chat with my husband!! After the signing we went back up to the platform, our celebrant wished us luck etc etc and we were announced as Mr and Mrs MeowMeow!! Our processional music then started playing but they started playing the aisle song again instead!! Grrr! Husband pointed this out and I was like 'whatevs, lets just roll with it'.. But luckily before any lyrics or anything came in they realised it was the wrong song and put the right song on!! (no one besides me and FH really noticed this music mess up, as they were all in the process of standing up, so that was lucky). Then off we went back down the aisle as man and wife!! :) FH stopped to hug the parents and I had a few people taking pics, but otherwise we walked straight down the aisle and disappeared (as celebrant had told guests we would be doing) as we only had about 40 mins for photos before the reception!
After my husband and BM got me up the stairs into the reception room it was finally 'relax a little' time. As soon as we entered the room our event organiser was filling me with food and making me snack as I hadn't eaten much that day! We all also had drinks in our hands right when we stepped I'm the door, amazing!! It was then straight into half an hour of photos then we head upstairs to a little mezzanine area to 'hide' while our guests arrived into the reception room. A few people spotted us as we weren't 'hiding' (we were playing space invaders on the machine and posing for funny pics) but most didn't realise we were there!! My husband even took a selfie of us for Facebook hehe. After about 15 minutes we were introduced and made our way down into the reception, grabbed a champagne and went straight into 'doing the rounds'. We didn't stop greeting/chatting with guests until we were told our mains were being served! That first hour or two just flew by!! After eating our dinner, FH and I ran off for a few more pics outside. We were met out there by a number of our smoker friends and got some awesome photos mucking around on the venues scooter!!
After half an hour or so of outside photos it was time for cutting the cake and speeches and we all headed back inside. The Best Man and my BMs speeches were super sweet, but my dads was the best, choking back tears the whole time and having to say at one point 'now that's enough of that' because he started crying!! awwww!! Hehe :) Husband and I went up last for him to make our speech, but without having written one, we forgot half of what we meant to say!! The worst being we completely forgot to thank my aunt who made our amazing cake!! We feel terrible about that!! (We did thank her a million times during the night though!)
At the end of the speeches, it was our first dance. Well, neither of us have any idea how to dance, so it was more our first 'hold on and sway!'. We enjoyed it anyway! (and I absolutely loved our song).
After our dance, it was finally party time and everyone joined in the fun to drink and dance the night away. I was having so much fun 'being a bride' I left my train down and my veil in all night!! Yes, a few people stepped on my train, but it didn't matter!! As I told them, I'm not going to be wearing it again, may as well enjoy it!!
Toward the end of the night came my dance with my dad, and again, neither of us knew what to do!! Our dance was just us spinning around and trying not to trip! It was so much fun!!
The last events of the night were my failed bouquet toss (I was told to to throw it high as it would have hit the mirrored roof thing), I threw it too low and it just ended up sliding along the floor!! Husbands sister picked it up!! Still say it still counts!! Then the garter toss, which my brother caught and was all excited about, until he thought about what he'd jut caught and then looked horrified and flicked it away.. Hehehehe.
Our leaving circle went longer than planned. We'd chosen two songs thinking that would be plenty of time.. But ended up taking 3 songs! Luckily the DJ came to the rescue here for us and picked a good (although cliche) one for us!
Husband and I then headed out to the town at waiting for us to take us back to Crown. The ride back was hilarious chatting about all the funny things that happened during the day/night - I loved this!!
Upon arriving at Crown we headed up to our room to relax for half an hour or so, before heading back down to the casino to party with friends who came to party on! I took out my veil but partied on in my dress til 3am!! Receiving many congratulations along the way!!

Overall, it was such an amazing day and I wish we could relive it, over and over again.. (Minus the sore cheeks from all the smiling!!)

So happy it was perfect but a little sad the weddings all over now!!.. Just waiting on the pro pics to come through.. Here's a sneak peek!! (Very un-traditional hahaha, we have crazy friends!)

(all credit for this great pic to our awesome photographer Daniel Sheehan - Cant wait to see the rest!!)
Postby Wirly » Wed Jul 10, 2013 2:26 pm

Congratulations !!!!!

What a unquie photo ! Cant wait to see more !!!
Postby PerthGirl » Thu Jul 11, 2013 11:32 am

Oh man, I never even considered that my nose might run. I might have to stash a tissue in my dress haha.

Your day sounds like a lot of fun for everyone involved, congratulations!
Postby deerdonna » Fri Jul 12, 2013 4:40 pm

hahaha oh my god i loveeeeeeeeeeeee your photo! :P

Postby kylo » Sat Jul 13, 2013 12:05 am

Congratulations!! You looked gorgeous and I'm so happy to read that your day went so well .. loved the visit to nanna the day before, what a lovely thought!
Your pics sound like so much fun! They'll be great to look back on in years to come and remember your crazy wonderful day .. would love to see more!
** Together since 2002, sons born November 2007 and July 2009, finally married 2012 after 10 years **
Postby Becca-Alice » Sat Jul 13, 2013 1:10 pm

Congratulations! Can't wait to see more pics. Your dress looks beautiful, I love the detail at the bottom.

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