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Share how your day went

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Postby erin86 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:06 pm

Hi lovelies!!
Well it's been almost 2 months since my big day and I just got my pro shots back today!!! My photographer's wife (also MUA and back up photographer) was pregnant at our wedding and bubs came 3 weeks early which was why it took so long for me to get them.

I left home early-ish to go and get a mani and pedi and to pick up the boys' suits from the dry cleaners. DH, FIL and our bestman (who were both staying at our house) got going early-ish too as DH's family from NZ were arriving that day and he wanted to catch up with them before the big day. DH was also taking the car to get detailed (they were arriving at the church in our car).
I got home at about midday and then started packing a bag for that night and the wedding night. The boys were still out with DH's family so I was madly ringing DH to find out when he'd be home as we still had to take everything to the reception venue. He got back at about 3pm so we took the stuff around to Allegro.
We had a rehearsal at the church at 6pm and the minister talked us through what would happen the next day, where we'd need to stand, etc, etc. He also said that after the actual ceremony and signing the register, he will "talk for a little bit". More on that later...
Our two families went out for dinner that night and it was so nice just to chat to everyone and to some of DH's family I had never met before. We left the restaurant at about 10pm and DH and I said goodbye to each other and I went home with Mum and Dad to stay at their place that night. SIL (BM) and my niece also stayed at Mum's that night. MOH didn't stay with us but came around early the next morning.
We went to bed at about 11pm and honestly, I was a little excited but it didn't feel like I was getting married the next day! It was more weird just being away from DH.

We all got up at about 6.30ish to have showers and things. MOH arrived at about 7am and had made up a fruit and cheese platter and other goodies for us to nibble on throughout the day. I had a cup of tea and STILL didn't feel like it was my wedding day. It was a bit of an odd feeling.
The hairdresser arrived at 8am and straight away started on the girls. I didn't have a hair trial for the girls but I had shown the hairdresser a picture of what I wanted and she did a great job. She also did my mum's hair and my niece's hair. My niece wasn't in the bridal party which I was a little disappointed about but DH has 3 niece's and I also have two nephews and my MOH (bestfriend) has a little boy too. It would have been too many kids to have in the bridal party and I wouldn't have some without others so we decided not to have any at all.
The MUA arrived at 10am and got to work too. The photographer and videographer both arrived at around 11ish I think?? And the flowers at about 12.
I remember looking at the clock at about 9.30 and thinking "wow it's only 9.30! And people say the day goes fast!". Well, from about that point on the day DID fly by.
All of a sudden it was time to get into my dress! The girls were already in theirs and they looked SO beautiful!! I was so happy as I had started to doubt EVERYTHING about a week or two before the wedding so seeing things come together was a relief.

Now for some pics..

MU - Make up by Mel
make up.jpg

**Note - I had a stray piece of hair, caused by my veil I think, that didn't get fixed until after the ceremony. You will probably see it featuring in most of the photos i'm about to put up! Lol.

Hair - Captive Hair Studio - Danielle was fabulous!

BM hair.jpg

To be continued...
Postby erin86 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:29 pm


So I got into my dress and we had some photos at my parents house and in front of the cars and things before we left. My mum had already cried about 3 times already and my dad was busy chatting away to the neighbours who had all come out to watch. I kept having to call him over for photos!
The car ride to the church was nice... just me and my Dad :luv1: I think he was a bit nervous! He kept asking me if I was ok :) I was, I actually felt really relaxed and happy.
We made good time on the way to the church so the drivers decided to pull over a few streets away in case there were any stragglers to the church. We had some drinks and nibbles neither I or the girls got out of the car. The driver was bringing me drinks and food and then hands me a phone and says that the girls want to talk to me. The phone rings and the girls in the car in front are squealing and asking me if I was ok. They were a bit excited I think!

Flowers - Wedding Flowers by Jody.
Jody was fabulous! I had NO IDEA about flowers and basically had a few pictures cut out from a magazine and Jody designed such beautiful bouquets! She also did the reception centrepieces but more on that later..
My bouquet also had a charm with a picture of my grandfather who passed away 7 years ago. I know he was with me on the day but it was special to have something to hold as well. I also got ready wearing his cardigan, my dad wore his cufflinks and my brother wore his ring. He was everywhere :)

Shoes - Wittner Shoes. Gorgeous shoes! They had sparkly soles :)
BM flowers.jpg
BM flowers

My bouquet.jpg
My bouquet and shoes

Soles of my shoes! Sparkly goodness :)

So we lined up at the church door. The night before I played for my BM's the song we would walk down the aisle to and told my BM at what point to walk in. It sounds a bit diva-ish but it was more because the song had an intro and I wanted them to build suspense :) Ok, maybe I was a diva!
The music started and my SIL was listening so closely to try and find the right point. I wasn't really fussed at that point so I just told her to go whenever. So she went and then my MOH went and dad and I stepped up to the door. This was the first time all day I'd gotten teary. Standing at the door waiting to turn the corner to see DH was so special. My dad looked at me and said "ready when you are" and we were off. I was so busy looking around at everyone and smiling that I weirdly carried my bouquet out to the side and had a goofy grin on my face lol. We got to the end of the aisle and dad was supposed to lift my veil and then go and sit down. He was smiling at me all goofy like and then started to walk away so i'm whispering "dad, my veil... dad, my veil" I said it about 4 times and then he realised and lifted my veil. So cute lol

The ceremony went without a hitch. At the end, after signing the register, the minister "talked for a bit" as I mentioned earlier. Well, he didn't tell us what he was going to talk about and proceeded to go on and on about sex for about 10 minutes! We basically had a birds and the bees talk! Hahaha! It was a little awkward but DH and I and the guests giggle about it now.

To be continued...
Postby erin86 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 9:45 pm

WOW this is turning into an epic BDT! Sorry ladies, it's photo overload!!

Church - St James Anglican Church, Pitt Town
Cars - Classic Bridal Cars. We had 2 jaguars - an S type and I can't remember the other one. If you want to know, PM me and I'll find the details.

church and cars.jpg
Church and cars

After the ceremony, we mingled with guests for about 30 mins and then started our location shots. Our photographer was great!! He made the whole day so much fun!
We had shots around the church, then went to this old shed down the road, and then an old abandoned petrol station type of thing. We told the photographer we wanted rustic, natural type photos. I think he did a great job finding locations!

location 1.jpg

location 2.jpg

location 3.jpg

location 4.jpg
Postby erin86 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:00 pm

We arrived at Allegro at about 5.30 and had some photos there. Guests weren't allowed into the venue until 6 so people were arriving a bit before and watching us have photos.
A lady from Allegro grabbed DH and I as soon as we walked in to have a look at the table settings before they got all messed up! Jody had done such a great job! DH and I supplied all the jars and vases as well as the tealights and Jody supplied the round mirrors and of course the beautiful flowers :)

Allegro 1.jpg

Allegro 2.jpg

Allegro 3.jpg

Allegro 4.jpg

Allegro 5.jpg

Allegro 6.jpg
Allegro 6.jpg (15.34 KiB) Viewed 3429 times
Postby erin86 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:12 pm

Allegro 7.jpg

After we go introduced, we went straight into the speeches. My dad always gets super nervous with speeches, so you can imagine how he was at his daughter's wedding! He can never eat when he has to speak which is why I wanted them over and done with early so he could enjoy his meal.
FIL spoke, bestman spoke and then DH spoke. DH is not much of a public speaker but he made me cry, he said such lovely things.

The food was awesome!! And the rest of the night went by in a big blur.
Before I knew it, it was time to leave and everyone loved our getaway car! A vintage Kombi van...


first dance.jpg

So I guess to sum up, we had the most amazing day of our lives!! Even DH who hates photos, was absolutely loving it and had a bit of blue steel happening!! Haha!!

All of our suppliers were absolutely wonderful!!!! If there's anything you want to know, please feel free to PM me.

Sorry for the pic overload but here's a few bits and pieces..
Postby lauralou » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:16 pm


Love it all. Dress (obviously), SHOES, flowers, all of it. Your photos are amazing. And you look beautiful, really really beautiful!
Postby erin86 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:16 pm

misc 1.jpg
Back of my dress

misc 2.jpg
The girls and I

misc 3.jpg
The boys

misc 4.jpg
One of my favourite photos
Postby erin86 » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:17 pm

Thanks so much Laura!!! That's so nice of you :luv1:
I'm still waiting on my video but I should get that in the next week or two. I can't wait to see it!!!
Postby Becca-Alice » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:47 pm

You're photos are stunning! Everything (including you) looked beautiful! Such a lovely wedding. Did you have 2 bridesmaids and 1 groomsman? I am having 4 BMs and FH is only having 3 GM even though most people think that is a no-no :-S but that is how it has worked out for us!

My Big Day story viewtopic.php?f=6&t=69244

Postby sweetime » Mon Nov 05, 2012 10:49 pm

So glad you had a great day!
I love your photos - especially the one of the boys jumping, how fun is that!!!
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