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Chat about Childcare, Education, Parties / Special Occasions & Crafts

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Postby rebecca08 » Fri Dec 02, 2011 12:20 pm

My FH, soon to be DH and I don't have kids yet but we have discussed topics like this and always thought we would do what our parents did in a sense. That is, to visit the schools within our area not too far away travel time and check out the curriculums. This coupled with speaking to other people we know who have kids and see what they thought of different schools. This will make up the basis of our choice.

As far as Co Ed vs Single sex, we are more for Co Ed as we both went to Co ed primary schools and secondary schools. My logic is that my son or daughter will go into the real world after schooling years with the opposite sex there all the time so why would I purposefully put them in an environment with only their sex for school? Saying that, I know a lot of my friends went to single sex schools and really liked it. It's just personal choice.

We both went to public schools too and don't see anything wrong with the ones we went to.
We'll see whats around when the time comes :mung:
Rebecca xx
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Postby blue_surrender_2004 » Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:10 pm

My FH and I have talked about this, too and it is a bit of a contentious issue. His education was all public co-ed (in a good area) and I had a mix- public co-ed until Year 5 (at one of the 'best' primary schools in the state) then 'elite', Anglican, all-girls for the rest of my schooling years (aka constantly in the top 10 school rankings and one of the most expensive in WA).

He primarily enjoyed his education, whereas I hated my public primary school (I was bullied horribly) and loved my all-girls school (even now, 7 years after graduation my best friends are still my best friends from school, while he doesn't keep in contact with anyone).

I feel like I benefited socially from those years in co-ed education, as I've never had a problem with seeing males as normal people (lol) but I must admit to being a little dazed for my first week or so at uni due to all the males around (I just found it weird to have them in my learning environment). Our school has strong links to boys schools, so it definitely wasn't like we didn't have any interaction- if you were in a band, or some choirs, or productions etc you had high levels of interaction and there was also dancing lessons and socials, too. I think part of the reason people don't have exposure to boys/girls if they are in a single-sex environment is because they actually choose not to participate in activities that lead to that interaction.

I would like to have my children (like others, imaginary at this stage) go to either a co-ed primary or co-ed private, then go single sex from Year 5 (if they're a girl, quite potentially at my old school, which is still fabulous). My FH would like co-ed public primary and potentially co-ed private secondary school, but would rather co-ed public for high school, too.

It is something we will have to sort out when we come to it (and it is something I will have to work on, lol).
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Postby weddingspy27 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 5:55 pm

I have my daughter enrolled in a private, co-ed school.
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