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Chat to other parent's about Stages of Development; Eating; Sleeping; Temper Tantrums;

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Postby keene121 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 1:58 pm

Hello ladies,

I have an 8 month old daughter (5 Months corrected as she came 11 weeks early) and I am REALLY nervous about starting her on finger food for fear that she will choke.

DH gave her watermelon the other day and she bit a piece off that was waaaaay to big to swallow and ended up gagging to the point her face went really red. She ended up spitting it out with a bit of vomit and the same thing has happened with banana. Its like she doesnt realise that she has to chew it.

Some people have told me that babies need to be "taught" to chew and the only way to learn is to go through this gagging process but I am really scared she is going to get something caught in her throat and choke.

Please help.....She chews on toys she puts in her mouth but not food. Am I doing something wrong??? A friend of mine has twins the same age and they are eating toast????

What foods did you start with??? What were your experiences with finger food?? Her solids that we feed her at meal times are quite lumpy but she just swallows the lumps whole......

Postby Comet1998 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:38 pm

Give her something to chew on that doesn't break off into small bits, like teething rusks or something.

She will work out that she has to actually chew them quite quickly without being able to bite chunks off and choke.

I can't remember what I did with my daughter as it was so long ago.
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Postby ExcitedBride2B » Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:39 pm

Don't stress :cuddles: :cuddles: :cuddles:

Kids really do start things at different ages, especially those with siblings.

I cant remember the exact age we started feeding DD, but we started her with a couple tiny teaspoons of baby pureed food (a baby rice) it's pureed, and such a tiny amount she wont choke.

If you want to give her watermelon or similar, put it in a 'fruit bag'. Basically, the fruit goes into a net bag, and baby sucks/chews on that. No chunks come through. Here is a link:

You can get them all over the place though - all baby stores etc. Even the supermarket.

Rusks are good too. Just remember you don't need to hurry eating - as long as baby is content and sleeping well theres no rush :)

Do you know any 21 year olds who haven't learnt to chew? :D Don't worry - she will learn :D

Postby missm03 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:53 pm

Hi Kaz!

Don't stress yourself out hun - I can totally relate as our first son was born 10 weeks early. He is a happy healthy 3 year old and eats like a trooper, however he didn't start out that way. I think he was nearly 9 months (7 corrected) before he would even have weet-bix or pureed fruit and vegies. We had SO much trouble with him and ended up in speech and occupational therapy one on one to try and get him to eat solids.

I had friends with babies the same age (not premmie though) who were all eating everything under the sun and I was freaking out that he wasn't eating and what was I doing wrong etc - exactly like you...the answer is you are doing nothing wrong and she will eat when she is ready. They do go through phases of choking and as long as you are there to pat them on the back and help bring it up they will get over it. It also doesn't out them off eating....just a learning experience.

Jen's (ExcitedBride) idea of the fruit bag is a good one. We were told to do that in occupational therapy but our little one wasn't interested in it.

I know that when they are premmie you second guess a lot of what you are doing but I bet you are doing a fantastic job and she sounds like she is a pretty happy healthy bubba. :flwr:

If you ever want to ask anything else feel free to PM hun - I know it is hard to try and talk to people who don't have premmie bubs.

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Postby Fizz » Mon Mar 26, 2012 2:29 pm

babies at that age have a very sensitive gag reflex - it is further forward in the mouth than in adults I believe and it is to help the learn how to move food round in their mouth and eat safely without choking. So gagging is good, they're not choking when they gag. Maybe cos you have a premmie it will just take a bit longer for them to get the idea as they're not yet 6mths by the age correction? Rice rusks are good, they pretty much go soft and dissolve in the mouth but have to be chewed a bit first to bite off pieces etc.
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