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Postby Lil » Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:25 pm

Hi all,
I thought it might be nice if we had a thread in which to appreciate all the wonderful things our bridal party members do to help us out on this crazy wedding journey!
Do you have a bridesmaid who
- says she'll wear lime green taffeta if that's what you want?
- has ripped into planning your hens night/ bridal shower / kitchen tea with great enthusiasm?
- is falling over herself in her desire to help you out with any and all aspects of planning?
- is generally just an awesome person who you feel lucky to have by your side?

Well, let's give them all the rap they deserve!
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Postby Lil » Sat Jul 18, 2009 10:38 pm

Me first, me first! :D
My BM Amy and my BD (bridesdude) Scott are awesome! They're my two best friends and I couldn't dream of not having them by my side on the day! And because they don't get the fun of organising a hens night for me, they came up with the idea of organising a dinner before the wedding - anywhere and anything I want! :luv1:
Scotty's really excited about getting his suit organised too! And Amy has absolutely bent over backwards to help me - I seriously don't think she could do more for me, despite the fact that she lives in a different state! She had her tonsils out last month, and her version of it was "good, I can't go to work so it means I can do anything you need for the wedding, what's on your list?" I would call her to see how she was recovering, and every time she would be more excited to talk wedding! I could go on & on all day about them, but I don't want to bore you all! :lol:

:luv1: my BM & BD!
::Winner: EW's 2009 Random Poster Award::
Postby ziella » Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:21 am

My sisters were the bestest BMs you could ask for.

They knew me, and knew how important our day was for me, and so everything they did was to help me in having the perfect day. They organised a fantastic hens night that I still look back on and laugh, my sister used every contact she could think of remotely tied to wedding stuff and sent all that info to me.

They took the time to consult me on everything before ordering, starting anything.

They wantyed to help out anywhere they could, and loved getting the job of decorating the reception venue.

They were fantastic!!!

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Postby Chazitha » Mon Jul 20, 2009 11:49 am

Well I have two bms who are coming all the way from Canada to be with me, and they have been so awesome supporting me emotionally from all those thousands of km's away.
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Postby jennish » Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:08 pm

Yep! I love my BMs to bits. My MOH was so excited about planning the hens especially and they both put a heap of effort into it. My MOH will listen to me cry over the phone when I'm upset about wedding declines or anything and she'll say that it's ok to be upset and cry and to let it out whereas my FH being the man he is will be all pragmatic about it and tell me it;s not worth worrying or getting upset about. It's like a book I got for my engagement said (why men don't have a clue and women always need more shoes by barbara and allan pease) sometimes women don't want their man to be all sensible and try and fix things for them- sometimes you just want them to nod and give you a cuddle and say it'll be ok.
They also said they would be happy to wear anything as long as I was happy and that's pretty much their standard response- whatever i want them to do.
Postby Rob'sNic » Fri Oct 30, 2009 1:42 pm

Hi Ladies

My BM dresses arrived yesterday and it has inspired me to add my appreciation on here! I have my MOH and 2 BMs and I love them to bits! Growing up I was always a bit of a tom boy and always had more guy friends than girlfriends so to find 3 girls that mean so much to me is huge! My MOH and I met while doing my Postgrad course back home in the UK 4 years ago. She is scared of flying and yet is making the 22 hour flight to Adelaide to stand by my side! We only get to talk for about an hour a month (usually in one go) but she always says the right thing when I am stressing and when she says 'what ever you want you get' I know she means it! My 2BMs are two of the most beautiful people I know! BM1 is the reason I live in Adelaide! FH and I decided we needed to move somewhere neutral so we knew the same amount of people, we had both worked with BM1 and when I asked her she said Come to Adelaide! Which we did and we love it here! She is my biggest support right now too as she is the only member of our bridal party in the same state/ country! So she has to put up with lots of my planning bits and bobs! She has been and continues to be a star! BM2 is incredibly special to me! She one of FH best friends and we met while she was over visiting in the UK for 6 months! When I first met her I was so nervous because she is so important to fh I wanted to make a good impression! Well I think I am safe to say I needn't have worried as we hit it of and became friends in our own rights! We are so similar and when we get to hang out (which due to distance isn't often!) It's like we have never been apart! She always makes me laugh and we always have a great time together! She is traveling down from NSW to be with us and I CANT WAIT!

All in all my wonderful girlies mean so much to me and they all reflect a different part of me and my life! I am so greatful that they are willing to be a part of my special day! Many people say how being a BM is an honour I think I am honoured that they said yes and will stand by my side on the biggest day of my life to date!

Sorry its so long but Hey I love them! :luv1: :flwr: :luv1:
Postby ~carla~ » Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:50 pm

I've just gotten back from visiting my FIL's 1000km away. I asked my FSIL to be my BM while I was there. I wanted to wait until I could send both my MOH and BM the cards I had made up to ask them, but it didn't happen! I couldn't keep my mouth shut! :lol:

Anyhow, this weekend just just reinforced that I totally made the right choices with both ladies. I got engaged 2 months before my MOH's wedding and I was trying not to mention too much about my own wedding until after her wedding. I definitely didn't want to steal her thunder. However, she couldn't stop talking about it! I asked her to be my MOH on her Hen's night finally and she was totally stoked. On her wedding day she came up to me and said she and her family were talking the night before about whether we should call her a maid of honour or matron as she was now married! :groove: Don't get me wrong - she was super-psyched about her own wedding too - but just that she's even already thinking about my wedding reinforced what an amazing person she is.

And after this weekend, my FSIL has just totally blown me away. This beautiful woman is very self-conscious about her body (jeans and very baggy tops are standard wardrobe) and she doesn't let us take photos of her. Although I know she's terrified of all the photos and having to wear a dress, she is so excited to be my BM. I just love her for that. I was hoping for silver dresses for my MOH and BM, and I was a bit worried about bringing this up with BM, but you know what she said? "Its your wedding, Carla, I'll wear whatever you want me to wear." I swear, after all the nightmares I was reading about on here, I was already getting ready to find a compromise that we could both live with because I knew I was asking a lot. Turns out, I didn't have to compromise! Not only that, BM actually said to me "So, I guess you'll want me to grow my hair?". :ohwow: way honey - its your head, you do what you want with your hair! Shave it, if you feel the urge!

After all the horror stories I've read about BM-zillas, I'm feeling very blessed to have such wonderful women in my life. I'm so excited about planning the rest of my wedding now! :groove:
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Postby Aurin » Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:52 pm

I just wanted to say that my MOH is awesome!

We've been best friends for about ten years now (gone through high school together, and now we both work for the same place), and she was my obvious choice as my MOH. She's not a girly-girl (far from it!) and has never been interested in weddings before, but as soon as I started buying some magazines, we were going through them together and she's becoming as excited as I am. Despite her hatred of organising anything, she was the one who asked if we could have both a hens night and bridal shower (something I hadn't known existed before organising mine), for her to organise.

But she has been most awesome with the other two bridesmaids, one who is fabulous anyway, and while the other BM and I are good friends, I find that she is complaining quite a bit about things now; we went to order our bridesmaid dresses and despite the girls already knowing what dress was, she still tried to change it to something the other girls wouldn't want to wear, and then complained about paying for alterations, despite this already been discussed with her and the fact that the dresses we were getting were already on sale as well. I wanted to hug my MOH when I heard her tell off my BM: "You were offered the choice between paying for shoes/hair/makeup, and paying for dress and its alterations, and you chose the dress; stop your complaining, or you'll find yourself kicked out of the bridal party."

I thanked my MOH later for it, and she told me that if anyone in the bridal party has problems, then they can go to her, that I'll have enough stuff to deal with. She's just awesome :D
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Postby MandyEdgo » Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:03 pm

I wanted to share a favourite photo of my MOH (my now SIL) on our wedding day :D


This sums up how absolutely dedicated to making my day special and doing anything and everything to help me out. All through the planning stages she was available and willing with every aspect of the wedding. She planned an awesome hens night for me, I had a wonderful time, and gave a beautiful and wonderfully welcoming speech during the reception that had me in tears. I :luv1: her to bits!!!!
The other girls (my eldest daughter and my good friend from Sydney) were both great too :flwr:
Postby Jaime16 » Sun Apr 11, 2010 7:33 pm

I just wanted to share how much I :luv1: my MOH. She lives in Adelaide and FH and I live in Perth, and as soon as I asked her, she was so excited, asking about plans, dates, guest list etc. We speak every couple of weeks about wedding stuff, plus to catch up on everything!!! About a month after asking asking her, and talking about making the invites, she's asking when we plan on sending them, so she can work out when to come over and help make them!!! :vhappy: She rang me Friday, to arrange when I can get time of work so we can spend a weekend together. 5 weeks til she is here..... :vhappy: :vhappy: :vhappy: Can't wait, will get a chance to show her everything so far.... She is so keen to help where she can, she offered to pay for her dress the first time we discussed the dresses (we're having FH nieces as JBM, so I need to find something suitable for them!) Just know I have made the right choice!!!!
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