Hear from other wedding industry suppliers who discovered advertising on EasyWeddings.com.au to be one of their best business decisions!

As a garden wedding and décor specialist we have found Easy Weddings to be the most effective form of advertising for our business. Having re-structured our business a number of times since originally advertising with them in 2005, we have found the website and particularly the advertiser log-in section incredibly easy to navigate, allowing us the freedom to make changes to accommodate our target market. Currently, Easy Weddings is our sole form of online advertising. D & P Fouracre, The Wedding Zone

"I would like to say thank you for helping me grow and advertise my newly opened business, The Sposa Group Bridal Showroom. It is now 5 months old and it has a good client database now and a continuous flow of new customers via my Easy Weddings Directory Listing. No other competitive company in your industry could create such an effective campaign for me in such a short amount of time. "Bernard and Gal were very helpful and patient in helping me create a new company website and made it fully customised to my needs. Also I would like to add that I greatly appreciate all you have done for my business!" Madina Enokaeva, The Sposa Group Australia

"Studio RL Photography made a marketing decision to increase our online profile and invest some of our budgets to online marketing. When we first contacted Easy Weddings, I was rather sceptical and wary of the hard sell from the Easy Wedding Team. How wrong I was. Sam, who personally looked after my initial enquiry, was the most helpful person you could ever ask for. He didn’t put the hard sell on me, answered all my questions no matter how dumb they were. I challenged him to provide statistics and proof that they get the numbers they were quoting. Sam answered all queries with a smile. "Suffice to say, Easy Weddings has been the best marketing decision we have made as a business. 80% of our business comes from Easy Weddings and the remainder referrals from existing brides. Easy Weddings brings in 500% more business than its closest rivals which we also advertise with. That is right. That is NOT a typo - 500% more. Our revenue has increased 5 fold since signing up with Easy Weddings and our business is consistently continuing to grow. "The Easy Weddings team are fantastic, very helpful very responsive and actually care about their customers and don’t treat them as an account number. Sam and the other staff at Easy Weddings has made an effort to get to know us and our business and assist us all the way. A 5 Star effort from the Easy Weddings team. For once a business that delivers more than what it promises." Robert Lum Director, Studio RL Photography

"Thank you for helping us promote our re-launch of the venue! Since signing up with Easy Weddings last year our traffic flow has increased dramatically and I think it comes down to the user friendly website and your consistent improvements of the website! Thanks again for all your support and I look forward to another successful year with you! Don't know why the previous Wedding Coordinators didn't sign up earlier!!!!!" Jess, The Terrace, Royal Botanic Gardens

"Since joining with Easy Weddings in 2013, the amount of exposure I've had as a business has definitely increased the volume of my work tremendously. As a wedding car supplier, it has always been quite competitive. But, Easy Weddings turned everything around for my business and I have never been happier. The staff members at Easy Weddings have been extremely helpful and they are always more than willing to provide great customer service. I would highly recommend Easy Weddings to wedding suppliers and brides across Australia." Dream 57 Hire

"Coming online with Easy Weddings in 2007 was the best decision that I made for my business. Since then, I have been receiving genuine high quality leads and the service has been truly fantastic! Without a doubt, Easy Weddings is the number one online destination for wedding suppliers across Australia." Marc Grist, Marc Grist Photography

"Taking on the role of marketing manager is a very daunting concept when you are quite new in the industry – especially working for someone who has been doing it for 20 years and still advertises in hard copy magazines & doesn't quite understand online marketing! "After researching the internet thoroughly, I found that Easy Weddings just kept popping up everywhere. My initial enquiry with Easy Weddings was handled by Ryan, and after spending nearly half hour on the phone chatting away, I was sold. We signed up (an extremely easy process), and it just so happened that I was at home the next day when I got a call from my boss, “you won’t believe it, we've just had a wedding booking, and when I asked how they found out about us, they said they were on some wedding site – Easy Weddings! We only bloody signed up yesterday!”. "Thank goodness we signed up when we did, it was the BEST thing I ever did for the business. "From my initial enquiry over the phone, to now being almost 2 years advertising with Easy Weddings, I still am amazed at the friendliness, and eagerness to help of everyone I speak to – no matter what time I call with a silly query! The administration section of the website allows me to alter our advertisement whenever I like, add new photos, change the wording, and also allows me to see statistics on exactly how many people are viewing our ad, and how many people have clicked through to our website. It’s so easy to use! "I absolutely cannot rate how valuable our advertising with Easy Weddings has been – invaluable!" Susan Rodgers, The Pumphouse Hotel and St Andrews Conservatory

"We have been on the Easy Weddings directory for several months now and it has already been working very well for us. "The concept was first introduced to us by Magda and we jumped on board straight away. She promised a hassle-free and effective advertisement and that’s exactly what we got. "Magda handled absolutely everything – the whole production of the advertisement and we couldn't be happier with the result. We were up and running before we knew it! "Magda was simply a pleasure to work with and we value her expertise and guidance in the promotion of L’unica on Parkville." L’unica on Parkville

"Just wanted to say a massive thank you for all the work and referrals over the past few years! Honestly, Easy Weddings has helped our business grow very rapidly!! I would like to thank Magda from the bottom of my heart for pushing me as hard as she could to finally advertise with you. Magda is an absolute machine. Her attention to detail is phenomenal, knowledge of the company and all its statistics simply blows me away! Thank you for another fantastic year and many more to come!! Magda you're my STAR!!" Con Tsioukis, Alex Pavlou Photography

"Its not rocket science. Easy Weddings is the single largest referrer to my website outside my organic listing. Simple!" Peter Georgiou, Enrik Limousines

"Just wanted to touch base and let you know how impressed we have been with the level of enquiry that we are currently experiencing. I am aware that a significant proportion of our total enquiry and traffic to our website is a direct result of our advertising on Easy Weddings. We have exhausted a large number of advertising options over the time and your site continues to deliver excellent results for our business. Bang for Buck it is undeniably one of the best forums we have used and continues to produce great results. Thank you and please keep it coming!" Dean Ross, All Smiles

"Our experience advertising online with Easy Wedding has been very positive. "From our first enquiry, to their prompt response with no hard sell, their very reasonable price, all the interactions we have had with Easy Weddings have been pleasant. "But most importantly, we have seen a huge jump in enquiries for our Little Church. When asked, most of our actual bookings have come from online searches and predominately from Easy Weddings. As a result we are now fully booked for 2014. "Advertising with Easy Weddings is a great way to get your wedding business noticed." Nicky Thomas, The Little Church & Spring Hill Peony Farm

"I play in a three piece all acoustic wedding band with my wife, Bec, and another guitarist, Rory. We've been playing weddings for over 10 years on The Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I signed up with a wedding website 6 years back, and was quite disappointed at the lack of response we received, ie: bang-for-buck... and just gave up trying this kind of marketing a year later. Therefore, I was very wary when Russ initially contacted me, and I told him so. Regardless, Russ took the time to explain to me how effective Easy Weddings had become, and made me more aware of the changing face of the wedding market. Anyway, with some skepticism, we eventually signed up and gave it a go. "To my absolute surprise, within a week we’d become inundated with direct emails via Easy Weddings, asking us for pricing and availability to play their upcoming wedding. I’d hazard a guess that we now get over ten-fold the traffic we were before, when we relying on just our optimised personal website. "Russ has been the most helpful guy I've ever experienced with this kind of marketing, he knows music, and I believe he can help you too!" Mark 'Sparky' Paltridge, Echelon Grey

"Easy Weddings has been great to get our business up and running, we are really overwhelmed with the amount of Brides contacting us for DJ-ing, we did not expect that kind of traffic. Advertising on Easy Weddings has really been a boost in business and we couldn't be happier with the results. Chiara was great in giving me all the details and letting me know what to expect. She always replied instantly when I had a question and the service has been outstanding. "I not only recommend Easy Weddings, I think its a must if you really want to be an integral part in the Wedding Industry. Thanks so much." Daniel Mercury, Mercury DJ Hire

Party on Wheels
"Being a small business owner, does not always allow time to fine tune or even organise a fabulous website to promote your company. Thank goodness for Joyti at easy weddings. She took me out of the fog and assisted me, simply, bringing my website out of the dark ages. I am now whizzing along with continuous leads and lots of additional work." "Joyti, thankyou so much for your professionalism. Love your work ethics. Without a doubt, Easy Weddings is the site to be with." Hanna Grant, Party on Wheels

Hot Dish at Eastern Hill
"Easy Weddings have done a great job in promoting our wedding venue Eastern Hill. Monica in particular has been wonderful along with her team Sam & co. 99% of our business flows through from EW and we can even update our own adds ourselves! Thank you easy weddings, we will be with you again this season." Michael Shaw, Jarrah Young & the Hot Dish Creative Team, Hot Dish at Eastern Hill

Fabulous Everything – Hair and Makeup
"I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed my time so far in working with Easy Weddings. They have been both professional and diligent in their follow ups and constantly offering help for me to provide a better service to my brides-to-be. From the layout to the best package for you, their guidance is always done with what's best for you business in mind." "I would highly recommend this site if you are looking to expand your business in the wedding field, as it most certainly will happen. Mine did. Cheers and Sparkles!" Juanita King, Fabulous Everything – Hair and Makeup

Thrive Flowers & Events
"Enquiries via Easy Weddings by far out weigh the amount we receive though any other online directories that we list with.The site is easy to use for both brides and suppliers and we have full control of our listing and statistics through our admin login. The team at Easy Weddings are always helpful and professional and we look forward to renewing our listing with them." Rosie Mackenzie, Thrive Flowers & Events

Untamed Images Photography
"Thank you for the continued support with the online directory. We receive many enquiries who have travelled via Easy Weddings onto our website. The staff are always a pleasure to deal with and professional at all times. We highly recommend Easy Weddings to all suppliers. Thank you." Betty, Untamed Images Photography

Fraser’s Group
"We’ve been advertising with Easy Weddings for many years and we consistently receive more referral traffic from them to our websites than any other wedding website. It’s easy to see exactly how many people come to us as a result of our Easy Wedding advertising. With four venues and four websites, Easy Weddings also makes it simple for us to manage all of our advertising with one online account." Sarah Brown, Fraser’s Group

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