Easy Weddings is truly grateful to our clients for all the faith they have placed in us over the years to support the mutual growth of our businesses.

We are fortunate that we work in a fantastic company in the wedding industry, surrounded by many hard working family businesses and couples who are organising one of the most joyous events of their lives. While we count ourselves lucky, we are well aware that many people around Australia and world who are not so fortunate as the team at Easy Weddings, our clients, and our couples. As such, we’ve made a commitment to be a ‘company with soul’ and endeavour to make the world a better place by giving what we can, when we can. Easy Weddings supports a number of charities, but three in particular remain close to our hearts.
Fitted for Work

Fitted for Work Local Victorian Charity We love Fitted for Work’s vision, which is helping women experiencing hardship to find work – and keep it! They do this, by providing job-hunting women in need with interview and styling training, enabling them to go to job interviews with self-confidence, poise and style. Among their free services are mentoring programs, interview preparation workshops, personal outfitting services, work experience and a range of transition-to-work and staying-employed programs.
Currently, 75% of the women Fitted for Work assist secure work within three months.

McGrath Foundation

McGrath Foundation National Charity The McGrath Foundation raises money to ensure every Australian family touched by breast cancer has access to a breast care nurse, regardless of where they live or their financial situation. Breast care nurses are specialist registered nurses who act as patient advocates, and are able to co-ordinate nursing care to women experiencing breast cancer, their families, and their carers. To date, The McGrath Foundation has supported more than 25,000 Australian families by providing access to this crucial medical service at absolutely no cost to those who need it most.
The McGrath Foundation also works to improve awareness of breast cancer in the community, but particularly among young women in Australia.

Kiva - Loans that change lives

Kiva International Charity Kiva is a non-profit organisation that provides micro-finance to groups and individuals across the globe in the hope of reducing poverty. Kiva members can make loans of $25 or more to those in the third-world wanting to raise a fixed amount of money for certain projects, be it buying a new cow for their herd, stock for a their village shop, or even paying for a year’s high school tuition. Whatever their project, your funds go towards making it happen and can change a whole village’s life!
The best bit? If the lendee manages to pay back the loan, your $25 can be re-loaned to another Kiva user in need.

Other charities

Easy Weddings is proud to support many other charities, including:

Karma Currency Charity Gifts
National Breast Cancer Foundation
WAT about Cambodia - Deborah Jewell Kin Foundation
Cancer Council
World Vision

Supporting where we can, when we can.

Deborah Jewell King Foundation

Deborah Jewell King International Charity Recently, Easy Weddings came across the Deborah Jewell King Foundation, a non-profit organisation established in 2010 to meet service gaps in Cambodia and Thailand. DJKF works with local leaders and other advocacy groups to develop and implement programs that will help improve the daily lives of the very vulnerable, empowering their community. True to helping our where we can, the Easy Weddings team created the DJKF website at Deborah Jewell King herself says: “Thank you to Matt and the dedicated team at Easy Weddings, for your generosity, compassion and inspiration!”
“Designing and developing our website is life changing for our impoverished children are life altering to say the least. Now our children, sponsors and future supporters will be able to be part of helping chance to make poverty history. We thank you for your amazing work and willingness to make the world a place of hope.” Deborah Jewell King

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