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From amazing to perfect wedding shots

What magical shots! They were taken deep within a forest and in the middle of a corn field – and the bride’s gown is still pristine. Now THAT’S impressive, non? Ah-may-zing! And that’s just the scenery! We imagine that kiss

Radiant smiles and great shots

Oh, we do love a bride – and groom – in glasses! The floral wreaths for the bride and bridesmaids are perfect for this forest wedding. Photos: JLB Wedding

This is how we met!

What a lovely way to photograph the shiny rings of these newlyweds, Aleksei and Anna, both of whom are pianists! Image: Nikolay Zavyalov

Wide open fields or close ups?

There’s something beautiful about a close-up photo of a bride and groom. But images that pull back a little bit to use wide open surrounds as a stunning frame can be just as visually arresting.  

Just to make your heart melt

One of the most beautiful father-daughter wedding photos we’ve ever seen. From the gentle way the bride clears her father’s tears, to the look in his eyes. It’s heartwarming and heartbreaking, all at the same time!

So what if it rains!

The weather outside was frightful for this UK couple’s wedding day, so photographer, Ryan Browne Photography, had to improvise indoors – and what a result!

Everything is {more} romantic at sunset

A newlywed kiss at sunset makes for a must-have uber romantic wedding shot!

Intimate and gorgeous photo

What a beautiful and loving candid shot, from an intimate New Zealand wedding. It was snapped by Danelle Bohane Photography.

Well, if this doesn’t melt your heart…

When instructed to slip the wedding band onto his new bride’s ring finger, this creative groom did so – on bended knee! Yep, he recreated the moment he proposed – and the crowd – and the bride, loved it!

Just one more selfie!

Gotta get a selfie at your own wedding, especially with your favourite boys!