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Using technology to bust your wedding planning stress

One of the most wonderful things about technology is how it makes everyday life easier. And when it comes to weddings, things are no different. Here’s some fresh ideas for using tech to your advantage in planning your big day.

10 ways to cut down your guest list – without grief

Before you start pulling out your hair trying to decide who to cut from your wedding guest list, we’ve come up with easy ways to determine whether your friends and family should have been on the list in the first place.

How to pull off a wonderful – and authentic – multicultural wedding

Here are some practical tips from Red Lantern on how to create a multicultural wedding, from including your family to building a unique menu.

Questions you should ask a prospective spouse before marrying

In an ideal world, couples get engaged - and then married - already knowing they're on the same page when it comes to life's big issues. If not, here are a range of questions every engaged couple should ask before heading down the aisle

12 unexpected colour combinations … that work perfectly

Few things are as crucial to a wedding's overall look and feel as your colour scheme. It influences everything from the feel of your invitations and the shade of tablecloth at your reception to the bridesmaids' dresses and your groom’s buttonhole.

2016 wedding trend predictions

Our list of wedding trend predictions for 2016 will have you walking down the aisle in style! From unstructured bouquets to marble wedding stationery, here are some of the top trends to watch for 2016.

Five ways to ensure stellar wedding photos

It’s a cliche, but one that, nonetheless, rings ever true: a picture really is worth a thousand words, but the case is doubly true when it comes to your wedding photos. So, it's crucial to choose a wedding photographer who suits you and your preferred style of wedding photography.

Trend watch: the rise of industrial weddings

Industrial styling has been popular within design circles for many years now, however, this trend has only recently filtered into the wedding realm - and the result is an unexpectedly potent concoction of raw textures and contemporary elements that modern couples are loving.

Pop! Writer’s ah-may-zing balloon proposal

Sydney groom Ryan Miller took the notion of 'popping' the question very seriously when he proposed to his girlfriend of eight years, journalist Jo-Anne Hui. The plumbing store manager spent an entire day blowing up more than 700 balloons to ensure his proposal went off with, erm, a bang!

You have $5 to build your ideal partner: What would you pick?

You have $5 to spend building your perfect partner. Which characteristics do you buy - and which do you forgo? Why?