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Beautiful bridal hairstyles

Here are some beautiful bridal hairstyles for every type of bride.

Vibrant and powerful styling

The vibrant colours in this bride’s bouquet – and, of course, her blazing red hair, stand out magnificently against her pure white gown! Some serious gorgeousness going on here!  

Braids and ribbons for a fabulous look

What a fabulous look, ribbon entwined in this flower girl’s rather fancy ponytail! ♥

She wears sea shells by the sea shore

Holding a beachside or beach-themed wedding? Consider using real shells in your headpiece for a most divine look! Images: Katie Grant Photography

Spectacularly elegant ornate headpiece

If your wedding gown has a very plain or simple back, you can add a little ‘personality’ by adoring the crown or back of your head with an ornate headpiece, such as this vintage pearl and crystal headpiece from Petite

Bridal hairstyles: Elegant bridal bun

Sleek and sweeping curves take this elegant bridal bun to a whole other level! ♥  

Split-dyed hairstyles for brides

We’re loving this hot new trend of split-dyed hair and just know it will start showing up in more wedding photos over the next 12 months. This collection of clever creations, from Studio 29, creates an ombre effect – with

Spectacular and large

A rather spectacular bridal headpiece from famed Irish milliner Philip Treacy.

Simple hairstyle: Hold it back with a barrette

What a simple and elegant solution for brides not wanting too much fuss when it comes to their wedding day hair: An ornate barrette or hair clip keeping the bride’s hair back – and nothing more!

Floral headpiece made of Baby’s Breath

Sometimes, all a bride needs is a simple wreath of Baby’s Breath/Gypsophila.