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Ahoy there! Five ways to add a boat to your wedding

Nothing brings sophistication to a celebration quite like a boat. And there's plenty of glamorous ways you can use one before, during and even after your wedding.

Just like dove release

No matter how much we try, we simply cannot figure out what’s going on in this photo. Any ideas? Of course, it might be just the old good photoshop, still pretty funny though.

Remember to have fun at your wedding

LOL! Happy Friday, folks. What a funny old ‪#‎wedding‬ pic from the folks at 1st Class Wedding Photography. It definitely brought a smiles to our faces!

Who had the best wedding reception? :)

Wedding pun of the day: When the TV repairman got married, the reception was excellent. Boom! Tish!

Page boys: cheeky AND cute as a button!

We’ve seen some pretty cool aisle signs, but this is definitely one of the most memorable! LOL.  

Just wear the cake!

Just a quick wedding LOL. Is it just us or does this bride look like she’s wearing her wedding cake?

Darwin’s theory of (groomsmen) evolution

Oh, how we love imaginative groomsmen. This humorous take on that famous image depicting human evolution is not exactly a must-have wedding photo, but it’s definitely a must-see (and must-share)!

This is her side and this is also her side

Well, it works, and there’s no way this will ever change so why not just laugh about it. Every woman should get one of these linens so there are no arguments.

The wondering horse

1) We’re not sure how this bride got onto a horse in that dress. 2) We’re not even sure how the bride got into that dress. 3) We wonder what the horse is thinking.

Let me see you shake a tail feather…

Now that’s how the dance floor should look! Is there anything better than a bride and groom who can shake it on the dance floor? Photos: Brooke Kelly Photography